Though they may not be elite of the game, Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas faced off each other in one of the most awaited brawls on Saturday night in Brooklyn Centre New York. The 28-year-old Ohioan activated later in the brawl in response to his rivals battering performance during the first half. The well-contended fight ended in a draw, conclusive for AB’s fans that all is still not lost.


Despite the tides turned against him, Broner never fails to amuse his fans inside the ring. Though the only weapon he relies on are his innate fighting skills, the Ohioan managed to get a majority draw. On the other hand, Vargas seemed determined for the win. His pounding from the start of the game hinted on the former two-division champ’s early win. However, in an unexpected series of events, Broner clawed his way up and sealed a tie, saving his boxing career from the final disgrace.

The Problem started off slow while Vargas took the opportunity showcasing fine play of body work and consistency. However, the second round didn’t favour the La Nueva Generacion much, as Broner finally began picking up on the fight, inflicting some serious pain on his rival counterpart in the 11th round.

According to the score, it was 115 – 113 Broner and 114-114 for two cards leading to a tie.

The post-fight saw the two boxers engage in a verbal bout, both claiming to have won the brawl. Vargas was determined for a re-match while Broner was ready for one, only if it’s at home.

How do you feel about the draw and what do you think about a rematch between these two?


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