This Saturday night you won’t regret staying glued to your TV as Showtime is adamant to boost your adrenaline rush by airing Broner v Vargas as its main card event. “The Problem” is to face off “La Nueva Generacion” on Saturday, at Brooklyn, New York in a non-title affair.


Though you may call him “The Problem”, he often fails to cause his opponents some, and yet, despite his inability to give a cardinal performance with his innate skills, Broner seems to attract audience and make it to main cards with his fans fantasizing him to defy odds. But his loss to Mikey Garcia in July has removed the last remaining doubts of him standing in queue of the powerhouses of welterweight. His inability to channel his immense ability inside the ring doesn’t seem to impact AB’s peculiar behaviour. The 28-year-old American is famous for stirring up audiences with his outlandish ways outside the ring that keep everyone reminding about his still untapped talent.

His atypical approach to his boxing career can spare us the effort of making shallow claims about the fight that he would take up. Despite the former four-division champ has opted for a new trainer, his legacy cannot be denied. However, it’s his voluminous talent that saves his ultimate fall from grace, making him a tough row to hoe for good-to-very-good opponents.

So the question is that is the La Nueva Generacion better than a very good opponent? Just like the Can Man, Vargas has been losing his dignity the moment he steps up a division. Therefore, in order to stand apart from his rival, the needs to stands up.


It is difficult to predict that whether Broner or Vargas will nail the deal. However, we surely know that it’s Broner who desperately needs to make some encouraging headlines following his past defeat and wavering personal life. Although, relying on Broner for victory may not be a safe bet, but, with a trainer like Kevin Cunningham behind his back, we can hope for the much-need change.

Vargas, on the hand, offers some smart moves coupled with his iconic right hand power, but still he lacks skill and athleticism of his counterpart rival.

If Cunningham is able to push Broner past his attitude and step out in the ring with his rudimentary boxing, we can expect to see a brighter future for AB. However, his stride to victory is only possible if is he able to dodge Vargas heavy shots and his stubborn nature.

Pick: Broner by unanimous decision.


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