Step-wise Guide to Entertain Your Queries Regarding Use Of Sauna Suit For Weight Loss!

Sauna suits, also known popularly as sweat suits, are primarily designed for quick weight loss. They help trap the body’s heat inside and elevate the internal temperature. 

With the increasing temperature, your body will react immediately to cool you down. This reaction comes in the form of tiny sweat drops appearing on your body.

When you sweat, the temperature of the body suddenly drops. Sweating will help you lose extra pounds in your workout session.

Moreover, increasing body temperature during a workout will boost your metabolism and pulse rate. Sauna suits ensure smooth blood circulation that keeps the body active.

Wearing a sauna suit will also motivate you to ‘exercise more.’ How? The elevated body temperature will make you feel like you are doing a pretty good workout.

Sauna suits are often made from rubber or neoprene and are available in the market as shirts, jackets, pants, and complete suits. There are elasticated closures at the waist, neck, wrists, and ankles to retain body temperature and moisture.

You can also buy a hooded sweat sauna suit with additional heat retention properties for total body workouts.

Proper Use of Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

Here is your complete guide if you are interested in knowing how to use a sauna suit to cut weight. 


While buying a sauna suit, show extra vigilance regarding the size.

Sauna suits are often unisex and comparable to the size of general tracksuits. If you wear a large tracksuit, a large-size sauna suit should fit your body.

They are available in varying sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large.

Before buying one, don’t forget to check the size guide of your sauna suit for weight loss.


The next question is: What kind of clothes should you wear under a sweat suit for weight loss?

You must prefer close-fitting and moisture-wicking undergarments that don’t make you uncomfortable during a workout.


While wearing a sauna suit, don’t tuck the shirt into your pants. Place the elasticated bands carefully on your collar, cuffs, ankle, and waist.


In high-intensity extreme workouts, wearing sauna suits for weight loss can cause dehydration.

As stated earlier, sauna suits increase the sweating rate of your body. So, you need to keep yourself hydrated before and after wearing a sauna suit.

Drink 6 ounces of water before as well as after the workout. Also, drink plenty of water after every few minutes of physical activity. Drink 6 ounces after every 20 minutes of your exercise in a sauna suit.


If you are a beginner who just bought his sauna suit for weight loss, don’t wear it during your long exercises without a break.

Keep its usage at a minimum first, then gradually work your way up. Wear it in 5-10-minute increments, and then work your way up to wearing it for your complete workout duration.

Please do not wear it for more than 60 minutes while exercising.

Move from low-impact exercises to high-impact ones in your sauna suit. How?

  • Walking before jogging
  • Jogging before running
  • Lying leg raises before hanging leg raises


Always clean your sauna suit after using it during your workout.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning the suit. The suits are often wipe-cleanable. You clean them with a sponge drenched in warm and soapy water.

Important Precautions in Using Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

Before you wear your sweat suit, it’s important to remember:

  1. To achieve significant weight loss, the use of sauna suits must be associated with a proper diet and physical activity, for example:
  • Focusing on the belly region during core sessions helps to lose localized fat in this area.
  • Wearing a slimming suit and fasting in the morning further promote fat burning, induced by hypoglycemia and the circadian hormonal cycle.
  1. The fluid loss associated with using sauna suits exposes the body to the risk of severe dehydration. So, staying well hydrated before, during, and after using the suit is good.
  2. The loss of mineral salts associated with the use of sweat suits exposes the body to the risks of electrolyte imbalance. This risk is greater when the body is not used to sweating since the processes that lead the body to save minerals by reducing the concentration in sweat take days to implement (progressive acclimatization).
  1. Severe hyperthermia can be fatal. Therefore, the use of a slimming sauna suit should be adopted gradually and according to your level of training. Avoid using it too often and for too long, especially if you are new to all this. 
  2. The most significant health risks are for children, the elderly, heart patients, diabetics, and the obese, for whom the use of sweat sauna suits should be avoided or at least supervised by specialized personnel.

Sauna Suit for Weight Loss FAQs

This section compiles a collection of frequently asked questions on suana suits:

What Is a Sauna Suit?

You may have seen some particularly dedicated gym people working out in a sauna suit, but what exactly is that? A sauna suit is a garment made of synthetic materials designed to keep you warm during a training session.

How Does a Sauna Suit Work?

During physical activity, body temperature rises, since much of the energy the muscles produce for movement is lost as heat.

To remove excess heat, the body relies on sweat; in particular, in the evaporation of sweat (for a liter of evaporated sweat, there is a dispersion of approximately 600 Kcal). 

The evaporation of sweat is lower the higher the environmental humidity, and vice versa.

After wearing the sweat suit, the air trapped inside the suit quickly becomes saturated with moisture (because the sweat released by the skin cannot evaporate).

If it can’t evaporate, sweat becomes completely ineffective at dissipating heat. As a result, body temperature rises, and the body sweats further in an attempt to defend itself.

This explains why the sauna slimming suit induces so much sweating in the wearer.

Do Sauna Suits Work for Weight Loss, Fat Burning, and Calorie Loss?

When trying to lose weight, burn fat, or lose calories, many people like to wear a sauna suit during their workout session to ensure they get the best results.

Weight Loss

The use of the slimming sauna causes a massive loss of liquids, which translates into a reduction in body weight.

Therefore, weight loss consists mainly of fluids and not fat (sweat does not contain lose fat!). However, local heat stimulates blood circulation and helps burn more fat.

Loss of Fat

Even if you often read the opposite, the use of the slimming sauna suit promotes slimming, for several reasons, such as:

  • It induces greater energy consumption during physical exercise. This is because the body is subjected to greater stress induced by hyperthermia and then burns more calories in an attempt to combat it.
  • It induces a higher postoperative energy consumption (for the same reasons as the previous one). 
  • The increase in temperature favors and stimulates the superficial circulation of the blood, which is critical to induce weight loss since the increased supply of blood (and oxygen) in the adipose tissue favors the consumption of the fats that constitute it for energy purposes.

Although there are no specific studies on the subject, it has been shown, for example, that – for the same amount of energy expended (calories burned) – running makes you lose more weight than riding a bicycle. 

This, in turn, makes you burn more calories than swimming. The explanation for the phenomenon has been related to the cooling induced by the ventilation cycle and contact with water (cooling that would tend to slow down weight loss due to adverse lipolytic processes).

How Do Sauna Suits Compare to Real Saunas?

A sauna suit is a waterproof suit that retains body heat and causes a build-up of sweat and heat while exercising. On the other hand, a sauna is a small room used as a steam room or hot air to cool down, cleanse the body and relax you in general.

According to a March 2018 study, using a sauna thermal session to adapt to heat is effective but not as helpful as exercising in hot conditions or using a sauna. You can use the sauna suit to stimulate heat, but it can’t compare with the real thing.

Saunas are a popular way to aid weight loss. Will a sauna suit have similar benefits? Any weight loss from wearing a sauna suit is temporary. Your body will return to its original weight after rehydration.

The best way to lose weight permanently is to follow a healthy diet and engage in an intense exercise regimen. However, a sauna suit can complement weight loss if used properly in conjunction with healthy exercise and diet.

Do Sauna Suits Help Lose Belly Fat?

Permanently losing belly or body fat has nothing to do with sweating. It has to do with burning calories. The calories that are burned must be greater than those that are consumed.

Increasing the number of calories you burn per day by exercising and decreasing the calories you take in by eating healthy are the two best ways to lose belly or body fat permanently.

However, combining all these healthy lifestyle changes with regular use of a sauna suit helps you quickly achieve better fat loss results.

Who Should Use Sauna Suit? 

Sweat suits are often used:

  • By athletes who have to lose weight quickly to get into certain weight classes (e.g., boxers, mixed martial arts fighters, etc.).
  • For those who want to lose weight quickly.
  • By those who wish to stimulate generalized weight loss or in specific areas of the body (localized weight loss).

How Long Should You Wear The Sauna Suit?

It is important to note that the exercises performed in the sauna suit should not be too intense. They should be moderate to slightly vigorous. People have different needs or reasons for wearing a sauna suit, but you shouldn’t wear one for more than 45 minutes at a time.

Excessive time wearing it will not only ruin your session but could be detrimental to your health.

If you feel that it is too hot for you, it is not harmful to pause and take a break. Also, make sure you drink water very frequently before, during, and after training sessions. You can’t expect your body to feel as good as it should if you keep sweating profusely without drinking enough water.

Make sure you have water bottles by your side at all times. Water at room temperature will be very good. Make sure you don’t drink too much at once but drink small amounts repeatedly.

The loss of water in a sauna can be dangerous because it prevents sweat from evaporating from the body. When sweat cannot evaporate, the body is unable to cool itself properly. This leads to increased fluid loss which can lead to dehydration, negatively affecting your blood volume.


Weight loss should be taken on a day-to-day basis and should be considered a long-term goal. It is not something that can be accomplished in a day. 

A sauna suit can motivate you to exercise more because the high temperature will make you feel like you’re doing a great job during your training session. All this together in the right way can make you get in the best shape.

Now you know how to wear a sauna suit safely for maximum benefits. Check out how you can use it in a full-body muscle-building workout.



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