If Anthony Joshua can defeat Andy Ruiz Jr. on December 7 in the bout taking place in KSA, then he’s set to take his rightful place with the legends in boxing’s hall of fame. The last time the Brit came up against the Mexican-American, out of his own admission he was taking Ruiz too lightly. Let’s see how well he fares six months down the line at the purpose-built arena in Diriyah.

Factors which might affect the ultimate outcome this time are:

  • Last time in the New York meeting, Ruiz stepped in pretty late and was ridiculed relentlessly for his weight gain. This was a huge dent to his standing since the experts had written him off ever before the match began.
  • On the other hand, Joshua was supremely confident and fit, and all seemed to be going well.
  • Things went according to plan for a while as Joshua dropped Ruiz hard and almost finished the clash there and then.
  • However, Ruiz bounced back and once Joshua was hurt, he never fully recovered.

The goal for the 2012 Olympic gold medalist now is to do what few in the history of boxing have been able to pull off. There are only four men in history who have regained their lost world heavyweight title after losing it to the same opponent.



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