Jake Paul’s winning streak in boxing comes to a halt. After a grueling 8-round match in Saudi Arabia, the YouTuber-turned-boxing star recently tastes defeat at the hands of Tommy Fury in a split decision. “THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED”, as Top Rank Boxing describes the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury results for the fight labelled as “The Truth.”

After years of verbal sparring, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally clashed in the boxing ring. In a thrilling 24 minutes, the two men put up an intense fight before the eyes of stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Deontay Wilder, and Mike Tyson.

It was a split decision on the judge’s scorecards … one judge had Jake ahead by a point. The other two judges had Tommy winning, and that was the difference.

‘TNT’ Tommy Fury, the half-brother of legendary heavyweight Tyson Fury, emerged victorious against ‘Problem Child’ Jake Paul in a close and intense match in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The judges scored it a split decision (74-75, 76-73, 76-73), ending the Problem Child, Jake Paul’s undefeated streak in boxing.

Tommy Fury was a much busier fighter, throwing 302 punches and connecting with 88 of them. Jake Paul landed 49 out of 157 attempted punches.

Tommy Fury was visibly emotional after the match, acknowledging that the feud with Jake Paul had taken over the last two years of his life. He also declared that he had finally stepped out from under his brother Tyson’s shadow, making a name for himself in the process.

“Tonight, I make my own legacy,” Fury said. “I am Tommy Fury.”

In the co-main event, Badou Jack made quick work of Ilunga Makabu to claim the WBC cruiserweight title. The champion was dropped twice in the fourth and 11th rounds before Jack secured the win in Round 12. This victory has put Jack in an elite group of boxers as he is now a world championship holder in three different weight classes.

We unfold more details on Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury results and highlights in the following passage.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Results

  • Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury def. Jake Paul via split decision (76-73, 76-73 & 74-75)
  • Badou Jack def. Ilunga Makabu via TKO (referee stoppage) – Round 12, 0:54 – to claim WBC cruiserweight championship
  • Bader Samreen def. Viorel Simion via TKO – Round 1, 1:26 (super lightweight)
  • Muhsin Cason def. Taryel Jafarov via TKO (injury) – Round 1, 5:00 (cruiserweight)
  • Ziyad Almaayouf def. Ronald Martinez via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37, 38-37) (welterweight)

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul Highlights

In the main event, Jake Paul (6-1) and Tommy Fury (9-0) put on an intense 185-pound catchweight bout. From the opening bell, Fury was aggressive and frequently initiated clinches to disrupt the momentum of his opponent.

This proved too excessive, as the referee began intervening with warnings and point deductions in the fifth and sixth rounds respectively. Despite this strange tone, the fight finished with even point deductions for both sides.

You can view Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury full fight highlights below.

Tommy Fury’s jab was a key factor during the fight, consistently striking Jake Paul in the face and preventing him from finding the range to land his powerful overhand rights which had taken down previous opponents.

Jake Paul found a moment of glory during the fight with a perfectly timed left hand that knocked Fury off balance and made him touch the canvas. Fury was not seriously harmed by the punch, but it did add an extra layer of excitement before the scorecards were revealed, as it allowed Paul to earn a 10-8 round.

Despite the knockdown, Tommy Fury won the split decision from two judges with scores of 76-73 and 75-74. The third judge sided with Jake Paul at a score of 75-74.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Scorecard

Jake Paul earned the votes of two judges, Omar Mintun and Daniel Van de Wiele, with scores of 76-73 for Tommy Fury. The third judge, Mike Ross, saw it in favor of Paul at a score of 75-74. On the official World Boxing Council (WBC) scorecards, Van de Wiele was green, Mintun was yellow, and Ross was pink.

The two judges who voted for Fury only gave Paul rounds three and eight (the last round being a 10-8 due to the knockdown). Judge Ross awarded rounds two, three, five, and eight to Paul.

According to the Compubox stats from the fight, Tommy Fury landed almost twice as many punches as Jake Paul over eight rounds. Fury only hit Paul less in one round, the fourth, where Paul only managed two strikes in comparison to Fury’s thirteen.

However, raw numbers don’t tell the whole story: in the eighth round, Paul knocked down Fury for a 10-8 round despite only landing three punches.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Round-by-Round Coverage

The grudge match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury was set up twice before. But it had to be canceled due to Fury having an injury and health issues the first time, and travel woes the second.

The two have been exchanging words in interviews and on social media for the past two years leading up to the fight. Paul’s presence in the boxing world has grown significantly over the last three years, making him a featured attraction in the ring.

In fact, the recent Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde bout got delayed due to the duo’s stint! And it looks like Tommy Fury is also getting better at it with time. This is what he was doing just a day out from taking Jake Paul.

However, here is a brief coverage of every single round they engaged with each other once they were finally squared off in Saudi Arabia.

Tommy Fury, accompanied by his half-brother Tyson Fury, makes his way to the ring ready to fight, as “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival blares through the speakers.

After making Tommy Fury wait several minutes, Jake Paul finally emerges from his dressing room to the sound of “Outlet” by Desiigner pulsating through the arena. It’s time – their long-awaited grudge match is about to begin!

Round 1:

They meet in the center of the ring and Tommy Fury wastes no time, firing away with lots of clinching. Jake Paul jabs the body but is warned for clinching as well. After an overhand right by Paul connects, Fury doubles up on the jab and looks fast, but can’t find his mark. Then at the end of the round, Fury lands a combination that could steal him the first!

Round 2:

Fury continues to jab and they exchange jabs as Jake Paul is in hot pursuit. Fury circles, landing a chopping right hand that prompts a left hook from Paul. A stiff jab follows from Fury, which Paul responds to with an overhand right. They exchange hard jabs until Fury lands a hard left and Paul lands a left of his own as the round closes.

Round 3:

Jake Paul misses wildly but lands a left when Fury comes in. Fury’s jab is sharp and Paul responds with two very hard jabs of his own. Paul lands what looks like a check hook and follows up with another hard hook. He ducks a jab from Fury and lands an overhand right. Meanwhile, Fury has completely slowed down and has not done much this round.

Round 4:

Fury lands a hard right hand and presses forward with a combination that catches Jake Paul’s gloves. A short right follows and Fury lands two more shots before applying pressure. It appears that Fury has figured out Paul’s style as he lands a left hand from Paul. This could very well be Fury’s best round.

Round 5:

A hard jab from Jake Paul opens the fifth round and he follows up with a body shot. Paul lands a hard right, which Fury responds to with a left hand. Fury looks much more comfortable now, but then something bizarre happens. A point is seemingly deducted from Paul for an unclear reason. But the action resumes and a left hook by Paul hurts Fury. They both exchange more punches with a hard right landing for Fury, but this definitely was a strong round for Paul despite the strange deduction of points.

Round 6:

A big combination from Jake Paul opens the round, but Tyson Fury absorbs them well. An overhand right from Paul then grazes Fury, but he responds with a solid uppercut. Another uppercut follows from Fury and it seems like he’s found something in this round.


He steps in with the jab and follows up with another, but the referee takes a point from him for an unknown reason. This is somewhat odd as it appears that the referee is getting too involved in the fight.

Round 7:

Tyson Fury is on the attack and lands a combination of punches. He follows up with a nice short left, but Jake Paul misses with his swing. Fury then goes to the body and Paul responds with a right hand that lands, but Fury is seemingly unaffected. A big right hand from Fury then shakes up Paul, who continues to slow down as they exchange hooks. Fury continues to land jabs as the round closes out and it’s looking like another strong round for him.

Round 8:

Jake Paul drops Tyson Fury to start the 8th round! Although it appears that he was more off-balance than anything else, Fury gets back up and responds with a powerful right hand. He then lands a big combination, followed by another one from Paul which lands. They can’t land much to close out the fight as both fighters are tiring, but it’s looking like this could be a close one!

After a thrilling fight between Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy Fury and Jake Paul, it looks like the former has come out on top. The split decision was in favour of Tommy Fury with scores of 76-73, 76-73 & 74-75, but it wasn’t an easy victory for him as he survived a late knockdown to win on the cards. Congratulations to Tommy Fury!

Victory, Loss, Ambition, Respect, and a Rematch in the Air 


A jubilant Fury oozing with the confidence of the victory was quite vocal and emotional in celebrating the win.

“For the past two years, this is all that has consumed my life. Broken rib. Denied access. Everybody thought I was running scared. Tonight, I made my own legacy. I am Tommy Fury,”

Fury said after the fight.

All through these past two years, I had a dream and a vision that I would win this fight. And no one believed me. Now I can stand up and everybody can take note. It’s my first main event at 23 years old. I had pressure on my shoulders, and I came through.”


“All respect to Tommy, he won,”

Paul said.

“Don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. We deserve that rematch. I don’t know that I agree [with the scorecards]. I got a 10-8 round twice. … So, this is definitely a humbling experience. I’ll take it on the chin and we can run it back.”


Dejected but not hopeless, Jake Paul immediately asserted his right to a rematch.

Boosted with a win, Fury wasn’t one bit hesitant about a rematch, either.

“100 percent. This is my first main event, I’m only going to go stronger, I’m gonna go bigger, and I’m only gonna go better,”

Fury said.

“There was a lot of nerves coming in here, I override that. If he wants a rematch, bring it on.”

Celebs and Top Athletes in Attendance

Irrespective of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury results, their show in Saudi Arabia was a star-studded event. Some of the most prominent names include Cristiano Ronaldo, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Derek Chisora, Shawn Porter, Kevin Hart, Devin Haney, Joseph Parker, Deontay Wilder, and a bunch of others.


Nothing Beats KSI Mocking Jake Paul’s Defeat 

KSI was ecstatic to see Jake Paul lose! He tweeted during and after the fight, mocking Paul’s performance and proclaiming he would make short work of him if they ever get in the ring. Looks like KSI isn’t a big fan of the young YouTuber boxer!


“Hey, yo! [Mimics smoking] Ah! Don’t mind me, just smoking on that Jake Paul pack! Honestly, Jake Paul, trash! Tommy Fury, trash! [Cackling laughter]”

“Jake! You see, the problem with you, man, the reason why you lost, is because you weren’t drinking Prime, baby. [Cackling laughter] I stay winning! I stay winning, b****!”

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury ‘Script’ Controversy: Fake or Not!!!

After former UFC star Mike Perry leaked ‘the script’ on social media, many had their suspicions confirmed that the fight was predetermined – and the result backed up these claims. Who wrote this mysterious script, and why?

While the fight didn’t go according to plan, it had its fair share of surprises and unexpected twists. Jake Paul is now activating his rematch clause, preparing for round two – with no clear idea of who will ultimately come out on top. Will he be able to win this time? Let the anticipation begin!

Here are some of the points that complied and contradicted with the WWE-style script.

1. Ringwalks

It was expected that Tommy Fury would enter the ring with Sweet Caroline playing, but he instead opted for Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival as a tribute to his newborn daughter. Jake Paul also surprised everyone by walking out to Outlet by Desiigner instead of Mr. Steal Your Girl, and with no baby costume in sight. The leaked ”script” seemed unlikely to be true after the entrance music alone, and the fight has shown itself to be anything but predictable.

2. How the Fight Proceeds

The overall outcome of the fight was far different than what had been predicted. Jake Paul was unable to land the promised left hook, and Tommy Fury was able to stay on top throughout all five rounds despite claims he would start having trouble halfway through.

There were minor discrepancies with the script. For instance, as in the fourth round when it said Fury would be suffering from swelling but instead suffered a cut due to a head clash. Both fighters went all out in the final round, contradicting claims that Fury’s corner would be concerned about his welfare earlier on. In the end, Tommy Fury emerged victorious and proved that predictions can never really tell how things will play out.

3. Tommy Fury Injury

Despite the predictions of Fury suffering an eye injury, he was able to stay healthy throughout the fight. His corner did not ask him to avoid shots. Instead, they supported him in his effort to try and finish the fight with a stoppage. Despite the presence of blood in the final round, Fury still managed to throw leather back and forth with his opponent. In the end, Fury proved that he was more than capable of overcoming any obstacles that were thrown his way.

4. How the Fight Ends

The most obvious part of the script which just failed to become reality was the fact that it was Fury who had his hand raised and not Paul who lost by split decision. The script had suggested the YouTube star would drop his rival with a big shot in the final round, which Fury could blame on his eye as the referee stepped in.

Paul did indeed land a knockdown but it was rather tame in truth, with Fury off balance and immediately able to rise to his feet. It was then in fact all down to the judges ringside with two scoring it 76-73 in favour of Fury while the other judge scored it 75-74 for Paul.

5. Rematch

Despite the pre-fight predictions that Fury would be begging for a rematch after the fight, it was actually Paul who had the contractual right to ask for a second meeting.

However, in a surprising twist of events, it was Fury who offered to have a rematch. Both fighters expressed their fondness for Saudi Arabia as the potential location for any future fight.

But due to Fury’s current US travel ban, an American soil rematch is highly unlikely. It appears as though these two fighters may not be done with each other yet. Fans may get to see this rivalry continue in the near future.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Card Highlights & Results

  • Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury def. Jake Paul via split decision (76-73, 76-73 & 74-75)
  • Badou Jack def. Ilunga Makabu via 12th round TKO (:54) for the WBC cruiserweight championship
  • Ziyad Almaayouf def. Ronnald Martinez via unanimous decision (38-37, 38-37 & 38-37)
  • Muhsin Cason def. Taryel Jafarov via 1st round TKO (3:00)
  • Bader Samreen def. Viorel Simion via 1st round TKO (1:20)

What’s After Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

While a second loss to Fury would be detrimental to Paul’s career as a professional boxer, there are still many other lucrative options available to him. One of the most highly anticipated bouts for fans of both Paul and KSI would be a showdown between these two social media stars-turned-boxers.

It was evident from their interactions on social media after Paul’s loss that the rivalry between them is far from over. And fans could soon get to see this fight come to life shortly.

KSI vs. Jake Paul would be a highly anticipated fight that is sure to draw immense attention and excitement from around the world. KSI has been busy since his fight with Logan Paul, participating in exhibition bouts and co-founding the Misfits Boxing Promotion.

Although his scheduled bout with MMA fighter Dillon Danis was cancelled, KSI still managed to impressively take down esports and YouTube personality FaZe Temperrr. In fact, KSI vs FaZe was settled in a matter of minutes.


Both parties feel strongly about wanting this fight to happen. And it could very well end up becoming one of the biggest fights of the year.

As he considers his future, Jake Paul faces a tough decision between two very different roads. He could take on Fury in a rematch. It could be a risky but potentially rewarding choice if he were to prove himself as a legitimate boxer.

Alternatively, he could face off against another “personality” like KSI for an easier fight. But it will come at the cost of foregoing any ghost of hope to compete as an elite professional boxer. Whichever path he chooses, it will be the ultimate test that reveals the truth about his commitment and dedication to boxing. And RDX Sports will be there to cover it for you!


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