UFC 228 headliner event Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till turned out to be very favorable for American Gorilla as he dispatched a submission defeat to an otherwise clean resume of British rival Darren Till.

However, soon after his sensational win, The Chosen One was offered to lock horns with welterweight artist Colby Covington. The American Chaos was stripped off his belt just before the start of UFC 228.  A fight between former interim welterweight champion Covington and reigning champion Tyron Woodley is scheduled for UFC 230, which will be taking place in Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 3.

Colby Covington artist took to Twitter soon after Woodley’s victory. This is what he had to say,

“@Twooodley Tyrone! You didn’t blow it!!! Time for you to come see me in @TheGarden. America’s Champ has another promise to keep. #ufc228 #thepeopleschamp #greatamericanwinningmachine” – Colby Covington on Twitter.

Covington didn’t shy away from leaving a message for Darren Till, who took his première defeat too seriously.

“@darrentill2 go home you can crushing doughboy! You were never ready for prime time junior! #ufc228 #greatamericanwinningmachine” – Colby Covington on Twitter.

The calling out didn’t end here. Stephan Thompson also showed interest for a fight with Tyron Woodley.

“Great fight, well done @TWooodley.  I fought both guys, and I’m down to fight both again!  T-Wood, we got unfinished business! #WoodleyvsThompson3” – Stephen Thompson on Twitter.

However, Chaos didn’t approve of the suggestion, as he only deems himself worthy of facing of Woodley and bagging the welterweight title.

In response to Thompson’s callout, Covington said,

“Oh shut the hell up you virgin! You’re at the back of the line choirboy.” – Colby Covington on Twitter.

Whom do you think Tyron Woodley should be facing next; Colby Covington or Stephan Thompson? Share your views by commenting below.


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