If you’re a fitness freak, a big fan of boxing or have also tried hitting a heavy bag repeatedly, then here’s what you need to know in order to improve your full body workout. 

Heard Anything About Core Strength Yet?

Core strength relates to the stability and strength of your core muscles. With a stronger  core, one can improve his/her overall fitness as well as enhance their punching power. Core strength refers to the ability of your abdominal muscles to transfer human body strength from the lower body to the upper body, leading to arms and then the fists. It acts like a link between the upper and lower body and strengthens all body movements while improving body reflexes. 


More precisely, a strengthened core aids the fighter to maintain balance while punching, and gathers all the force from the lower body to the upper body, in order to generate momentum for a powerful punch. Hence core strength plays a vital role in determining the punching power of a fighter.

Who hasn’t heard of Muhammad Ali? The legend was known to have outstanding reflexes and a sturdy core. His defensive moves were one of a kind. From rolling, dancing, circling to leaning back, he escaped all incoming attacks like a butterfly. The most extraordinary thing about him however, was the way he would cut a left jab from the most unpredictable angles, often leaving the opponent rocked and hopeless.

How To Improve Your Punches With Power And Speed

If you’re a beginner, do not worry, RDXSports has got you covered. To improve your punching power, here are a few exercises you can incorporate in your daily boxing training. The perfect way to begin, is to get a heavy bag and a pair of bag gloves. To know more about which heavy bag or bag gloves will suit you best, click on the photo below.

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So once you’re done with selecting and setting up the bag of your choice. Start developing combinations using hooks, uppercuts or straights. Give yourself room for rests in between rounds. You can also do these combinations in shadow work to improve your accuracy and reflexes, in addition to developing your strengths simultaneously. Keep repeating the process while applying even greater force for each consecutive set. In between sets focus on light jabs and footwork all the while maintaining cardio.  Keep repeating the process and practice as many reps as possible. The more punches you get in, the better is your punching power. Want to take your punches to the world of mixed martial arts? We have just the article for you; Mixed Martial Arts Basics.

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Another way to improve your punching power and increase the speed is through squats and deadlift exercises. These are the most effective in building muscles and increasing the overall strength of the body, as well as improving posture. A punch’s power is built through the momentum of the entire body, from the twist of your feet to the throw of your shoulder. Once the core muscles develop full strength, they enable your punches and their power. Giving you punches that are heavy and full of force. Read about the essentials to improve your boxing here.

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The importance of developing core strength is quite evident especially for a combat sport athlete. If you’re a beginner, amateur or professional, you are just a step away from being good to great by just adding a core strength regime to your daily workout and training. Trust us, you’ll see a huge difference in your punch power in a short period of time. Click the photo below to check out our products that will help you through this journey to attain ultimate punching power.

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