Cris Cyborg, the MMA champion and Ronda Rousey’s potential opponent has taken a dig at undefeated UFC champ in a lengthy Facebook posts. Cyborg blasted Rousey’s personality and left no stone unturned in blasting her to-be-adversary. Rousey made a statement yesterday criticizing Cyborg calling her “all droids, muscles and no techniques”, to which Cyborg replied on her Social Media account.

She stated that Rousey first used her name during the Strikeforce era to build her career. She said that once she was very sensitive towards her remarks and made her pretty angry, but soon she realized that Rousey needs sympathy and pity more than anger.

According to Cyborg, Rousey isn’t happy with her life; and despite being a UFC champion she is unable to give any actual emotions which can show that she is actually happy. Cybrog takes a hit at the UFC champion and called her “Grumpy Face”.

Cyborg said that Rousey has been talking about her in almost every interview and always in negative words. She said that Rousey talks positively about only one person; and that’s herself. Calling Rousey, “a girl with very few genuine friends”, she said that UFC had to request fighters to send a complimentary message to her when she appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Acting like a professional, Cyborg ended her long fiery post with a prayer for Rousey’s happiness and gave an impression that she does not care much about what Rousey might say in the future.


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