Despite his height advantage over his opponent American Tyron Woodley, Darren Till couldn’t come up with an impressive performance. Rather the British Gorilla was dropped to the canvas in the second round, soon giving up on his fight and hopes for welterweight title.

The bout was closely observed by many MMA fighters and pundits. Amongst the observers was light heavyweight and heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier. While speaking to media post Woodley and Till fight, DC said that Till attempted the cardinal sin of trying to execute a combination that only masters of the game can pull off.

Seconds before Till was thrown to the canvas by his counter rival, the tall Briton tried to come up with a challenging combination. According to Daniel Cormier, the Briton shouldn’t have attempted to perform something so tactical. He believes that only Conor McGregor is capable of pulling the trick that Till tried inside the octagon and consequently had to pay a heavy price for it.

According to Cormier,

“Darren Till threw one shot. When he finally decided to go — I’ve always hated this combination. The only person that should ever throw a lead uppercut, punch down the middle is Conor McGregor. He’s the only person that has successfully done that time and time again. Conor goes uppercut, straight left hand. Everybody else: stop! No I’m serious. Everybody else, stop! Chuck Liddell almost got killed against Rashad Evans because [he did] that. And now look at Darren Till! You can not throw that. It’s a flawed technique. Because when you do this, and you’re loading that counter-hand, when you’re loading that second punch… You are so exposed [to the counter].”

What do you think about Daniel Cormier’s views? Do you really think only Conor is capable of pulling the combination?


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