Date: April 28, 2018

Venue: Barclay Center, Brooklyn,  New York

On Saturday night, Barclay Centre will host a career-boosting fight between American Daniel Jacobs and undefeated Maciej Sulecki to seal a final spot for middleweight title brawl.

The 28-year-old Polish fighter remains atop other fighters such as Darryl Cunningham, Grzegroz Prokas and Hugo Centeno and offers some solid moves and a strong chin. Since his debut in 2010, he has contended for 155 rounds and holds Super and Polish Middleweight titles. His 6-feet-1-inch stature gives him a pretty decent size supported by a 68-inch reach.

The Warsaw player hasn’t been facing off the cream of the crop in his quest for a title; however, he did come across some intimidating fighters and managed to subdue them. This Saturday he will be stepping up a class and this stirs up a question about his ability to take down his American rival with an impressive record of 29 KOs.

The American Miracle Man will be returning to the ring after fighting perilous bone cancer. He has an astounding record of 33-2 and managed to hold his title by savaging 4 fighters before losing it to Gennady Golovkin in a unanimous decision last year.

Daniel is capable of demonstrating speed and power; however, his Achilles heel lies in his chin, after his defeat at the hands of Golovkin and Pirog.  The Golden Child stands as tall as his Warsaw-native opponent but with a 5-inch longer reach. With a solid knockout ratio of 83 percent, the American boxer has amassed an experience of 133 rounds since 2007.

Prediction: Right now, Daniel Jacobs seems in a more secure position as he offers sound play and though his chin may cause some eyebrows to raise, it may not affect him in this brawl since Sulecki won’t be able to bring him down. Using his fighting intellect combined with his innate agility and speed, Jacobs will be able to emerge victorious in a solid brawl.

Who do you think will be able to seal a final spot for the middleweight title?


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