In order to ensure optimal performance of boxers in the ring, each boxer is assigned to a particular weight division according to his weight. A weigh in is conducted 24 hours before the brawl so that they can be designated into a suitable category. The weight of the boxer is much lower on the scale during the weigh ins and becomes heavier on the night of the fight. Although not flawless, this method ensures that the opponents that face each other are of the same size thus providing a fair playing field. Usually boxers lose 20-30lbs a day earlier, which is again donned on match night. This way the ringster has an advantage over his opponent in terms of power. A well-designed diet plan for boxers is the one that helps them lose weight not affecting their agility and power on show night.

Weight Retention

The best way for boxers to ensure that they retain the ideal weight at the time of fight after shedding it off a day earlier is to aim at attaining the desired scale throughout the training camp. A strict nutrition plan limiting the calorie intake and a controlled diet can help a boxer achieve the coveted weight. Cardio activities and roadwork keeps the boxers’ metabolism activated preventing unsought weight gain.

Less Carbs Lesser Weight

Carbohydrate intake increases water levels in the body which in turn replaces muscle glycogen. Boxers should limit their carb intake to less than 50g five days before the weigh in so that the body continues to flush out water while consuming the glycogen reserves in the muscles.

Proteins and Fats without Salt

It is necessary to keep the body active and include proteins and fats with very small portions of carbs helps the boxers do so. The players should include veggies and meat devoid of salt as salt makes it difficult to flush out the water.

Dehydrating the Body

Water intake causes rapid weight gain the body and this is the reason why boxers ideally cut in their fluid intake five days before the start of weigh ins. Calorie intake is strictly monitored and in some extreme cases the ringsters avoid consuming any food or water on the day of weigh ins. Once the weigh in is over, the boxers replenish their depleted reserves of water by again hydrating the body.


To accelerate the expulsion of water from the body, boxers can make use of natural diuretics such dandelion root. Chewing dandelion root will help get rid of excess water in the form of urine.

The Final Cut

The final cut is made by warily performing different exercises that help the body sweat. Since most of the weight gain comes water retention in the body, physical activities that make the boxers sweat help them lower the scale. For this running on a treadmill or doing sprints in a sauna suit and cycling can help in shedding off a few extra pounds.


Restricting calorie intake for a certain period does not pose any serious threats. However, avoiding calories for a long period can disturb body’s metabolism causing serious health issues. Extreme dehydration of the body can lead to organ failure and low blood volume shock dropping the amount of oxygen in the body. Carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet and unprocessed carbohydrates should be a part of daily food intake. The ideal diet plan for boxers helps them lose a calculated amount of weight in order to avoid lethal health perils.



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