We already know deep inside our hearts, the most important resolutions that we need to make. That is why whenever the clock strikes midnight and the new year takes over the last, our hearts’ deepest desires surface. One of these are our fitness goals!

January is known to be the highest business generating month for gyms and clubs around the world, as millions of aspiring fitness enthusiasts flock to these fat busting arenas with the dream that this might be the year they would look like their favorite celebrity. Chiseled abs, toned arms and mighty pecs are visualized, as we aspire to show off our “summer bods”. Motivation is at an all time high as everyone is ready to give it their all…. Literally, give it their all, that is in the wallet. 


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There was a time when fitness enthusiasts used to look at the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Sylvester Stallone and Frank Zane but many realized that such a physique is not just hard to maintain but comes at the cost of one’s health especially when people associate themselves with anabolic steroids. 

This is where the fitness spectrum changed from huge muscular bodies to lean physiques that foster endurance and stamina. The sport that added fire to this fuel to attain the perfect lean body was our very own Mixed Martial Arts. Tough men and women in a cage wearing shorts and flaunting that hard rock body proved to be very attractive for those watching these bouts on their screens. Looking good was not the only motivation anymore, looking tough became the primary goal.


El Cucuy

Physiques of the likes of Georges St Pierre, Conor Mcgregor and in recent times Micheal Chandler and Tony Ferguson were the go to reference for men to show to their trainers whereas Ronda Rousey, Valentia Shevchenko and Amanda Nunes inspired womenWant to check out fitness equipment that can become your perfect companion to achieve hardcore physiques like the athletes mentioned above? Click this link now!

Although, it takes years of hard work and extreme training to achieve these perfect lean bodies that many believe is futile for a non-fighter to achieve and that such physiques do not tend to be the ideal for the summer bod we so desperately want and need. Others beg to differ as this age long debate of looking good vs feeling good comes into play. Yes, most individuals aspire for a lean physique in order to be more ‘instagrammable’ but as the days pass by and health is becoming a serious topic around the globe; many goals have diverted from looking good to feeling good and one feels good when they have stamina and endurance; attributes that are staple for MMA athletes. 

This debate has been going on for a few years and is bound to stay active for the coming decade but as the fan following increases exponentially for combat sports, the majority is leaning towards the strengths of having a fighter’s physique. 

What do you think? Do MMA Fighters have the perfect physique? 

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