Today is International Women’s Day.

Now, step back and realize ‘why’ this day exists. Many of us (men) feel that ‘every day is women’s day’ – but the problem here is – that it just isn’t.

On this day, we recognize the pain and discrimination women face on a daily basis, in one way, form or another. If they’re not dealing with physical violence, mental torture, sexual harassment, abuse, lack of equal opportunity, impunity, glass-ceilings, societal pressures and the ‘burden’ of being a woman – then they’re dealing with raising a family, producing children, making a home, and sacrificing their happiness for others.

Why though? Why is it that women have to succumb to a man’s world? What makes this a man’s world more than a woman’s anyway? If it weren’t for women, there would BE no man.

The sad truth is that the world is run by men. Physically dominant men. Brutes that can hurt, control and impose. Fear is the great divider, and women, its incumbent. This is society. BUT, times are changing.

Today, women refuse to take the backseat to be driven. Today, THEY WANT TO DRIVE. As time progresses the playing field slowly levels. The woman of today is a self-motivated, passion fueled, independent woman – who doesn’t mind busting some heads to pave her own way.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Women are not just mentally strong, they’re also PHYSICALLY strong. Think twice before you cat-call or risk copping a feel because today’s woman just might take your arm off, or better knock you unconscious with a well placed over hand right. Yep that’s right, women can physically kick your ass today – how’s that for ‘might is right’.

Women are breaking stereotypes and changing what it means to be one in today’s world.

RDX’s very own Ruqsana Begum and Ranini Cundasawmy are prime examples of change.

Ruqsana Begum is not only the British Muay-Thai Atomweight Champion, she also happens to be the first Muslim woman in the world who is a national champion in her sport.

Ranini Cundasawmy is the Mauritian Muay-Thai Atomweight Champion, who boasts an impressive record, riddled with awards and trophies.

One thing both these women have in common, is that they come from conservative families where ‘fighting’ or ‘being a television/sport’ icon is considered taboo. These brave, beautiful women fight not just for the sake of the sport; they fight stereotypes, society, and the voice that tells them “you’re not allowed”.

It is these women that makes the world proud, who better our societies and change perceptions for generations to come. Today’s woman is more than what you, I or society suggests. Today’s woman is a fighter – and they’ve had enough.

International Women of the World – RDX wishes you a FEROCIOUS, Happy Women’s Day.

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