Punching and kicking is fine until the MMA punching Bag tears from one side leaving you to decide for a replacement. Among the many types, finding the most durable MMA punching bag will make you more confident on your strikes. With reduced risk, you should kick and punch to your heart’s content, knowing the Bag is good enough. To explore the most durable MMA punching bags, keep reading!

The following list will help you narrow down the punching bag types and help you decide the best for your training needs.

  1. Professional Punch Bag

Trainers, Pro-advisors and fighters should know that a Professional Punch bag should be superior to all other types. For maximizing kick or punch strength, they are made to absorb blow after blow. Without the proper material, bags are unable to outlast harsh training sessions. As a result, fighters are forced to hold back their full potential. The ideal professional punching bag needs to be strong enough to absorb your full-powered strikes while maintaining its durability. It should also have the right balance of feedback to avoid injuring the trainee. Therefore, RDX P1 4ft Professional Punch Bag ticks the right boxes and more. With durable cowhide leather and multi-bolted S-Ring straps, the bag is designed for career-lasting tear resistance. If that is not enough, the bag comes loop facility where you can control its swing power.

  1. Maiz Punch Bag

An ideal Maiz bag is characterized by its ability to swing back to its original position quickly after absorbing a Jab or hook. The balance should exist between absorbing and swinging after the punch. Professional MMA Maiz punch bag needs to be reinforced with proper combat leather to withstand training. The Unique Maiz Punch bag designed by RDX Sports includes Max-Shock foam jacket technology for maximum shock absorption. Furthermore, is reinforced with improved stitching for increased durability.

  1. Standing Punch Bag

For training your fists, standing punch bags are essential among the punching bag categories. Like Maiz bags, the best standing punch bags should strike a balance between shock absorption and swing. In an ideal bag, the base should be strong enough to hold the bag in place with firm foundation. Strength is maximized through the right balance between form, movement and power. Trainees need the perfect All-in-one dummy to exercise precision. That type of product can be found at Rdx Sports namely B1 free Standing Punch bag. The bag is a standing dummy and a punch bob reinforced with high quality Maya Leather. It is packed with a strong base that can be filled with Water or sand for a firm foundation. A rare bag that compliments your fighting style whether its MMA, Muay Thai or boxing.

  1. Curved Punch Bag

Out of every punching bag category, the curved Punch bag is designed to train your elbows, knees and kicks. To compliment your fighting style whether its MMA, Muay Thai or kickboxing, the bag should withstand powerful blows. Without proper elasticity, the bag will either not swing and provide hard feedback or will swing too much. Fighters need a curved punch bag that helps you release your full power strikes.

  1. Speed Bags

Putting all your strength aside, training mobility is equally important when training for professional matches. Usually speed bags require you to fix them with additional equipment hanging from the ceiling or otherwise. Without proper fixation, the bag can potentially break off. The quality of the leather is equally important for endurance training regardless if its boxing or Mixed Martial Arts. The products designed by Rdx Sports can be used for both professional and regular heavy use. RDX O1 Boxing Leather Speed Ball for example, is handcrafted and Duo-layered for maximum consistency.

  1. Double End Bags

Double end bags are also regarded as speed bags as they are mainly used for mobility training. With added support from both ends, this bag is perfect for MMA and boxing. Like Speed bags, the swing and absorption are equally important for training. The ideal double-end bags focus on stability during strikes and are durable enough to allow fast- strong blows. With reduced feedback, the fighter can go all out with the RDX B2 Boxing Double-end Bag. Enhanced with combat leather, it allows quick strikes and properly trains movement/form.

Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants- if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.


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