Look around! Fitness festivals are everywhere. You can find a number of rallies or festivals where celebrity trainers are lining up workouts and downing green juice instead of beer. Multiple cities arrange such events and participation is ever increasing. Not all fitness festivals are the same but they are really fun especially if an all-day wellness binge is your kind of thing. Here is what you should know before going to your first full day fitness event so you know whether fitness festivals are really worth attending or not.

More Than One Workout

It is a fitness festival so expect to have more than one workout scheduled for the day. These workout sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Other wellness activities like meditation sessions, massages and motivational talks take place throughout the day, so even when you’re not working out, you’re immersed in all things health.

Choosing Workouts

Yes you can choose from different workouts scheduled for the day. There are certain events where your schedule would be laid out in advance. Once you have decided to take a certain schedule, don’t veer away from that. Be there on time but know that you will always have the freedom to change your schedule. And remember! If you have any injury, make sure you sign up for a day that you can safely and easily attend. After all, it is a fun fitness activity and the point is to boost your fitness levels, not injure yourself more.

Fun Activity

If you are into fitness, then you’ve made a great decision to attend. Once you have signed up for such an event, be prepared to kick off first thing in the morning. This is an opportunity for you to mingle with like-minded people. Make use of the snack stands to keep your energy levels up. Roam around and spend time surveying the area, trying different exercises and getting the most bang for your buck.

Not A Cheap Deal

Celebrity trainers don’t come cheap! On the plus side, these festivals are always well-structured and fun, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The prices for these fitness festivals may vary from city to city but a fitness festival is way more fun-filled than your average boutique gym class. If you get to attend an event where you can participate in a couple or more classes and walk out with a swag bag, you’ve definitely aced the deal.

An Expected Challenge

For all those fitness freaks who are on the top of their game, these festivals will challenge them just as any regular class would. But if you’re new to the fitness scene, you might find yourself a little lost. Given that the size of the average festival class is higher than the normal class, your instructor won’t find time to break down the moves for you. They might not come to correct your moves for you. Many a times, instructors change the course of a particular exercise.

Food & Eatery

Frankly it is not going to be a very good eating experience for you as these events don’t provide the best of meals. You can find some trendy snacks but a good meal is a rare deal. Most of the times, the actual meal is not free and the sample portions are very small. You have to buy yourself a meal each time you visit any of these fitness festivals.

What are you waiting for folks? Grab a buddy and plan your first fitness festival trip. Keep following prominent trainers and fitness clubs since they will keep you posted about such events. Subscribe to email alerts and schedule accordingly. We know it is on the top of the list of Most Millennial Things Ever, but if you are a workout freak, you are going to have the time of your life.


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