Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather is planning two more bouts after challenging Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas before retiring this year. In a media conference last Saturday, the pound-for-pound king shared his future plans of retirement at the end of his 6 fight contract with Showtime/CBS.

So it’s decided now that 2015 is the year of Floyd’s retirement and boxing fans will probably enjoy his final three matchups. After fighting with Marcos Maidana, the unbeaten boxing champ will only fight twice more: in May 2015 and then in September 2015.

Revealing his future plans in front of a media appearance, the 37 years old boxing diva, Floyd Mayweather, is planning to build his Mayweather promotions brand after retirement. The star usually bouts in May and September and stated that 2015 will be the last year of his boxing career. He said, at this point of his career, he just need to focus on Maidana. After that he cannot indicate who will be next, but certainly the next two fights will be quite thrilling for the boxing fans.

Boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, holds a shining record of 47/47 victories and zero defeats on his career resume. During this media coverage, his close friend and chief executive of Mayweather promotion brands, Leonard Ellerbe said, top rated fighter Floyd deserves the kind of career he maintained so far, as he put himself in the work throughout his entire fight career. So what else is there for him to do in boxing? Now there is nothing else to prove.

But people think that one challenger Mayweather has not yet challenged is welterweight title holder Manny Pacquiao. This is the fight that the sports world has been eager to watch for many years, but it has not happened for several reasons.

Whatever the reasons, boxing fans are still excited to see both the top rated fighters in the ring on May 2nd 2015. Critics are expecting that the pound-for-pound champ will show a positive attitude for the exciting bout that will gross him the highest amount of revenue ever from a fight.

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