In one of the most shocking upsets of the year, Tyson Fury was knocked down in the third round by Francis Ngannou, but managed to recover and win a split-decision victory in a non-title bout in Saudi Arabia. Fury vs Ngannou results in an epic showdown for sure, rightfully titled, the “Battle of the Baddest”.

The crowd roared, their anticipation palpable. This was a fight like no other, a clash of titans that would leave the world breathless.

The bell rang, and the two warriors collided. Fury used his superior boxing skills to dance around the ring, landing quick jabs and elusive combinations. Ngannou stalked him patiently, waiting for his moment to strike.

Then, in a flash, it happened. Ngannou lunged forward and unleashed a thunderous left hook. Fury was caught flush on the chin and sent crashing to the canvas.

The crowd gasped in shock. Fury, the invincible heavyweight champion, had been knocked down for the first time in his career.

Fury staggered to his feet, his eyes glazed over. But he refused to give up. He had come too far to be defeated. He had faced and defeated the best heavyweight boxers in the world, and he wasn’t going to let a newcomer to boxing stop him.

Fury dug deep and found the strength to continue fighting. He used his superior boxing skills to outpoint Ngannou in the remaining rounds. But it was close. Very close.

When the final bell rang, the judges’ verdict was a razor-thin split decision. Fury had won, but only just.

The crowd erupted in a mixture of cheers and boos. Some fans believed that Fury had deserved to win, while others believed that Ngannou had been robbed of victory.

But one thing was for sure: “Battle of the Baddest” had been a spectacle. It was a battle of two titans, and it had left the world in awe.

RDX Sports takes you in fine details of how this clash of titans played out in this comprehensive Fury vs Ngannou post-fight breakdown account.

Fury vs Ngannou Fight Results

  • Tyson Fury beats Francis Ngannou via split decision (heavyweight)
  • Fabio Wardley beats David Adeleye R7 TKO (heavyweight)
  • Joseph Parker beats Simon Kean via R3 KO (heavyweight)
  • Arslanbek Makhmudov beats Junior Anthony Wright via R1 TKO (heavyweight)
  • Moses Itauma beats Istvan Bernath via R1 TKO (heavyweight)
  • Martin Bakole beats Carlos Takam via R4 TKO (heavyweight)
  • Jack McGann beats Roberto Duran Jr via R2 TKO (super-welterweight)

Fury vs Ngannou Fight Highlights

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, two of the most feared heavyweights in combat sports clashed in a highly anticipated boxing match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Tyson Fury, the undefeated WBC heavyweight champion, faced off against Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Tyson Fury, the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, lay sprawled on the canvas, his face contorted in pain. Seconds earlier, he had been caught by a thunderous left hook from Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion.

The crowd in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, gasped in shock. Fury, who had never been knocked down in his professional career, had been felled by a man who was making his boxing debut.

Fury slowly got to his feet, his legs wobbly. He staggered back to his corner, where his trainer, SugarHill Steward, urged him to continue. Fury nodded, his eyes filled with determination.

He knew that he had to win this fight. Not only was his undefeated record on the line, but so was his pride. He had spent years building his reputation as the best heavyweight in the world, and he wasn’t going to let Ngannou take it away from him.

Fury came out swinging in the fourth round. He landed a series of punches on Ngannou, who was visibly stunned. Fury continued to press the attack, and by the end of the round, he had regained control of the fight.

The remaining rounds were close, but Fury was able to outbox Ngannou and win the fight by split decision. It wasn’t the prettiest performance of his career, but it was a gutsy victory that showed that Fury is still the best heavyweight in the world.

Fury vs Ngannou Play-by-Play

Round 1

The opening bell rings, and Tyson Fury fires off a big right followed by a sharp left jab. Francis Ngannou retaliates with a body shot, and both fighters exchange double jabs to the midsection. They clinch momentarily as Fury lands a left to the body and a left up top. Ngannou answers with a double jab and a left up top. He then connects with a midsection shot and a quick two-punch combo to the head. Fury gets in another left up top, but Ngannou narrowly misses a massive right. The round comes to a close.

Round 2

In the second round, Ngannou strikes with a powerful left to the body, while Fury’s left comes just short up top. Fury’s left is met with a right from Ngannou. Fury fires off a triple jab to the head. Ngannou opens up a cut on Fury’s forehead with a well-placed punch. Fury switches to a Southpaw stance, pawing with a jab as Ngannou continues to work the midsection. They clash heads inside, and Fury ducks and holds. Ngannou grazes Fury with a double jab as the round ends.

Round 3

Both fighters employ feints in the third round. Ngannou delivers a shot to the midsection and follows it with two headshots. Fury responds with a right to the head and a brief clinch. A hard right connects for Ngannou, and Fury gets in a quick left to the midsection before they tie up. Ngannou catches Fury with a left hook, sending the champion to the canvas. Knocked down and dazed, Fury makes it on his feet somehow. Fury also lands a shot to Ngannou’s midsection. As the round concludes, Ngannou fires another hard right to the middle.

Round 4

Ngannou starts the fourth round with a double jab, connecting with a solid right. He follows up with a beautiful one-two to the midsection. Fury responds with a straight right to the head. They tie up on the ropes. Fury delivers a right to the midsection and, inevitably, another clinch. Ngannou lands a short left inside but narrowly misses with a right to the head. Fury connects with a right up top. Both fighters trade a quick one-two, and the round ends.

Round 5

In the fifth round, Ngannou lands a left-right combo to Fury’s head. Fury fires back with a left jab to the solar plexus. Ngannou gets in a nice right. Fury delivers a swift left jab and ties up. A left straight from Fury is met with a right to the body inside. Fury ties up in the corner. He misses with a nice uppercut, and the left straight finds its mark. Fury responds with a beautiful one-two, but Ngannou lands a nice right jab. The round ends with a well-placed right jab by Ngannou.

Round 6

Ngannou falls short with a left jab, and Fury’s left lands on Ngannou’s shoulder. Ngannou counters with a solid uppercut inside. Fury responds with a one-two up top. They tie up once again on the ropes. A quick left jab lands for Fury as Ngannou rips a hard jab inside. Ngannou receives a left square to the face. Fury grazes Ngannou with an overhand right. The round ends, and a replay reveals that Fury used an elbow on Ngannou.

Round 7

Ngannou lands a nice right as the seventh round begins. Fury jabs to the body, and Ngannou fires a left jab that connects. A hard left by Ngannou lands, and Fury retaliates with a one-two to the head. Ngannou responds with a double uppercut. Fury delivers a left to the face and follows up with a hard right. Fury slips near the ropes, but it’s not ruled a knockdown. Both fighters land body shots and posturing ensues. The round ends with Ngannou executing a double left jab followed by a right.

Round 8

In the eighth round, Ngannou lands a quick left to Fury’s body. A right from Fury causes Ngannou to stumble, leading to another clinch. Ngannou delivers a big left in the corner. Fury misses slightly with an overhand right. A short left hand by Ngannou results in another tie-up. Fury connects with a left up top, and they clinch. Left and right punches are exchanged, and they tie up again. Fury is leaning all over Ngannou. Ngannou retaliates with a nice one-two and Fury responds with a quick right. Fury’s nose starts to bleed as Ngannou connects with a hard left. The round comes to an end.

Round 9

The ninth round begins with a big left-right combo by Ngannou, landing flush. Ngannou’s straight left finds its mark, and Fury responds with a triple left jab. Fury lands a right up top, and Ngannou uses a left jab followed by a right cross. Fury delivers a left jab to Ngannou’s body. Both fighters feint and posture. Fury lands a left jab to the body but just misses. Fury connects with a three-punch combo up top. A right hook by Fury is followed by another tie-up. Ngannou grazes Fury with a left jab to the throat. Fury executes a great left straight up top. The round concludes.

Round 10

In the final round, both fighters are tentative and feinting. A left hook from Ngannou grazes Fury. Ngannou’s two-punch combo falls short, and Fury gets in a left jab. Ngannou’s left jab is met with a right cross. Fury’s jab lands up top, and they tie up in the corner. Ngannou executes a short uppercut inside. Posturing and feinting continue. Here comes what looks like a “Superman Punch” from Ngannou, perhaps a sign of desperation to go as far as it takes to slay the Gypsy King. Ngannou delivers a double left jab as the bell sounds.

The Official Decision

After a grueling 10-round battle, the official decision is announced. Tyson Fury secures a split decision victory, with judges scoring it 95-94 in favor of Ngannou, 96-93 and 95-94 for Fury.

Fury vs Ngannou Fight Statistics & Official Scorecard

In Saudi Arabia, the audience was left in awe as Ngannou delivered a stunning knockdown to Fury in the third round, defying expectations in a bout that took many fight fans by complete surprise. However, an analysis of the punch statistics doesn’t necessarily support the widespread sentiment that Ngannou was unjustly robbed of victory.

Compubox data reveals that the WBC champion landed more punches in six out of the ten rounds, with Ngannou securing three rounds and one ending in a draw. Moreover, when evaluating the percentage of punches that found their mark, Fury outperformed Ngannou in seven of the rounds.

It’s worth noting that while Fury did slightly edge in the total number of punches landed, Ngannou, on the other hand, claimed the lead in power punches, tallying 37 compared to Fury’s 32. With these statistics so closely contested, Ngannou might indeed feel somewhat unlucky to have fallen short on the judges’ scorecards, particularly when considering the knockdown and an unnoticed illegal elbow strike.

Victory or Robbery – What the Experts Make of Fury’s Victory?

Let’s begin with how Francis Ngannou himself sees the outcome.

Ngannou’s Take

After celebrating his remarkable performance with the Cameroonian flag and amidst the chants of his name from fans, Ngannou didn’t hold back on social media, sharing his perspective on the fight. He expressed that Fury should express gratitude to the two judges for the decision.

Mike Tyson’s Take

Tyson, one of the all-time boxing greats, in Ngannou’s corner throughout this confrontation, believes this wasn’t a robbery. Ironically, however, he highlights the fact that it was obvious.

Other Notable Opinions from the Boxing World

MMA World’s Take


Rest of the World’s Take

What Future Holds for Fury, Ngannou, Boxing and Crossover Boxing?

Ngannou’s impressive display against Fury opens up a world of possibilities for his future. His return to MMA was already eagerly awaited, but his performance in the boxing ring has generated even more interest. Names like Fabricio Werdum, Alistair Overeem, and Junior Dos Santos stand as potential opponents for his cage return. However, Ngannou hinted post-fight that his boxing journey might not be over, especially considering the lucrative opportunities in the sweet science. Imagine the excitement of a showdown with the likes of Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder. Should Fury emerge victorious over Usyk, the prospect of fighting for the undisputed heavyweight championship could add another thrilling chapter to the story?

Shifting the focus to Fury and a potential bout with Usyk, it’s essential for him to reconsider his approach. His performance against Ngannou was less than stellar, showcasing a degree of sloppiness. If Fury carries that form into a contest with Usyk, he could find himself on the losing end of the fight. It might be a wake-up call for Fury to rise to the challenge that Usyk presents, but he must ensure that he’s in top shape before stepping into the ring.

The landscape of combat sports is changing, and Ngannou’s remarkable transition underscores that transformation. While MMA has often been perceived as boxing’s lesser sibling, both in terms of prestige and financial rewards for fighters, Ngannou’s success marks a turning point. It’s likely that more MMA stars will follow in his footsteps. Ngannou himself expressed his intent to balance his commitments in boxing and the Professional Fighters League, demonstrating the evolving synergy between these sports.


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