In the basic boxing movements, slipping involves moving your head off center. But that puts you boxers in a tough spot against experience boxers. Moving your head puts you off balance and after slipping one hit, you are an easy target for the next one. This is why you need to learn the next level of boxing head movement. During a boxing fight, opponents can sometimes come at you with a barrage of punches. Slip one by moving your head and you won’t be able to move out of range. Next thing you know you will be stuck in a corner trying to survive the round or one good hit will put you down.

There are just 2 principles that you should follow to avoid both of the aforementioned scenarios;

  1. Slip the punch
  2. Head should be centered the whole time


That’s understandable. We will help you comprehend these principles so get your pen and paper out, or just your smartphone, and start taking notes.

Boxing Head Movement, without the Head Movement

There is trick to slipping and ‘moving your head’ without actually moving it.

And it’s simple really, you have to make it look like your head is moving.

Moving the body

You have to use your body and move back and forth. This will give the impression of head movement. You can slip punches with this back and forth movement, while keeping your head centered.

The advantage of that?

You will be able to see your opponents’ punches better and also counter their moves effectively.

The shoulders should dip down and up alternatively and body should go side to side in a controlled movement.

You are basically confusing your opponent into throwing a punch at one side or the other, so you can catch him with a counter punch.

Arm movement

Another way to simulate head movement in boxing is through strategic arm movements. Bring your left glove up slightly and then bring it down while you bring the right glove up. The back and forth movement, while you are bobbing on your feet will confuse the opponent.

It is not important that you follow this pattern of movement. You can create your own hand movement as well, just make sure that it doesn’t compromise your defense.

Using the Legs

Shifting your weight and changing your foot placement is also used to simulate head movements.

  • Your upper body will remain in place.
  • You will rotate your legs and it will seem like you are leaning back or forward.
  • Anti-clock wise rotation will make it seem like you are going backwards, rotation to the other direction will give the illusion that you are moving forward.

Almost like a magician, you will swiftly take control from your opponent and if done at the right speed, this can confuse your opponent too.

Actual head movement

When you have gotten the body and arm movement down. You can move on to actually moving the head, ever so slightly.

Don’t leave the center position. Use your neck muscles to weave slightly to the right and then to the left. You can try different combinations of the movements mentioned above and you will create opportunities to get a clean hit.

Wrong Boxing Head Movement

Leaning left or right for head movement can throw you off balance. It also takes a lot of effort and you will tire you out much quicker. When your opponent is coming at you in full swing with rapid punches, it will be very hard for you to move out of the way in time. So the lesson is, fake the head movement for it is much better and efficient than actually moving your head.











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