Want more muscle mass? Consider heading to bed then!

If getting more muscle mass and losing weight is your goal, then you should head to bed, since healthy sleep is very crucial for regrowth of muscles and shedding off extra pounds. Even if you have the best diet and routine, you wouldn’t be able to get desired results, if your body wasn’t well-rested. The benefits that come from a good night’s sleep aren’t just limited to muscle growth and overall health. Below mentioned are some significant benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Developing Muscle Mass

Not many fitness enthusiasts are aware of the fact that developing muscles can actually happen when they go to sleep.

And more mass you gain, you will shed off unwanted calories. Well-developed muscle also helps you maintain good health.

Excess weight gain especially fat around the bellies is downright dangerous. You can get rid of the excessive weight gain by building muscles by weightlifting and performing strength training.

Another way to develop muscles is when you go enjoy healthy sleep.

  • Pre-Bedtime Protein

Want your body to work wonders and build your much-desired mass when you sleep? Considering eating protein before you go to bed.

Consider using lean protein for your meal such as fish, Greek yogurt, peas, beans and lentils so that when your body goes through REM (Rapid Eye Movement) period, it gets ample supply of growth hormones. With the presence of ample protein sources, your body will be more responsive to growth spurt.

Improving Mental Health

When you go off to sleep, the adenosine levels starts decreasing. The ability of the brain to shut off adenosine levels during sleeps, keeps the body alert the next day.  This alertness helps you go through the day and helps you perform better during grueling workouts. This also ups your motivation, helping your overcome stress and a notched up overall performance.

  • The Magic Of Magnesium

Many fitness aspirers are not aware that magnesium has in store many benefits when it comes maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the a good magnesium reserve in your body, you can conveniently fight stress, build strong bones, get improved heart health and immunity, control blood sugar and reduce inflammation in your body.

But the benefits don’t end here. Magnesium plays a vital role when it comes to control muscle cramp which can retard muscle growth. With its ability to keep stress away, it aids in healthy sleep that leads to muscle growth.

Different Ways To Get Good Night’s Sleep

Following are the different ways through which you can get a good night’s sleep.

  • Turn off all electronic devices and gadgets.
  • Adjust room temperature to 60-70 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Adopt the habit of reading something before falling asleep.
  • Develop a routine and follow it religiously.

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