Although many foods that boost metabolism are healthy in their own way, however, pairing foods together can maximize their potential to boost metabolism. Having a balance among your meals not only helps you get all required nutrients but also keeps your metabolic rate high.

We mostly you see meals containing foods that have a high percentage of carbohydrate without much protein or fat to balance out the plate. For example, a combo of pasta and vegetables has nutritious components, but it lacks protein and fat to fuel your digestion. However, adding fish or beans can help fill you up and consume a smaller portion overall.

Vegetables are loaded with nutrients. You don’t need to be a health specialist to realize the importance of these simple food alternatives for your health and metabolism. However, the key to acquiring the most benefit from vegetables is to cook them in the right manner. Following are six healthy vegetable combos that act as powerhouse nutrients, and will help you prep up your fitness goals.

Power Of Powders

You must be aware of health benefits of turmeric. This anti-inflammatory powder increases body’s antioxidant capacity and boosts brain functions. On the other hand, black pepper’s exotic taste is every food lover’s must-have. When combined together, these two powders blend together to form a unique taste while enhancing turmeric’s properties 1000 times.

Leafy Veggies & Lemon

Green, leafy vegetables are full of iron reserves. While their consumption is a good way to allow body to fill up on its deficit, usually iron isn’t readily absorbed by the body. However, if you sprinkle some lemon on your leafy salad, your body can easily absorb all of this essential mineral. So next time you head to the kitchen to munch on some spinach, bell pepper or kale, sprinkle over a lemon and Voila! Not only do you have a flavorsome appetizer but a power-packed meal too.

Red & Green Combo

Tomatoes are known for their anti-cancer properties. Broccoli too is loaded with nutrients that help body battle against this lethal diseases.  Combine them together and you have a power-packed formula that would keep the disease far away from you.

Olive Oil & Lettuce

Lettuce comes with a variety of health benefits. It is very good for cardiovascular health and is loaded with folic acid, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber and potassium. Olive oil is the healthiest forms of oil and contains antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats. The oil is recommended for heart patients and helps control obesity. When olive oil is added to lettuce, it helps transfer the carotenes from the GI tract into the bloodstream, making it easy for the body to utilize their benefits.

Lemon & Green Tea

Green tea is full of polyphenol, which are antioxidants that fight inflammation. They are helpful for healing oxidative damage related to smoking, aging and unhealthy diet. Drop in a few drops of lemon or citrus fruit and the Vitamin C present in the juice would absorb polyphenol antioxidants.

Salsa & Avocado

Salsa, usually the old-school tomato and jalapeno blend or a tangy mango or strawberry mix, can bring you all the flavor and the health benefits that you want to gain in a quick munching session. Combine it with Avocado, a nutritional powerhouse and you have a recipe for Herculean health. The effect of antioxidant lycopene present in Salsa is multiplied 200-400 times when consumed with Avocado.

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