When you watch boxing matches, you often see how fighters are able to pull off fast and explosive movements without breaking a sweat. Over the course of 8-15 rounds, these athletes are able to maneuver their offense and defense movements and still manage to save enough in their gas tank to last another couple of rounds. As a boxer, a major part of your training involves resistance and endurance exercises to keep your strength on par with your weight class and condition your frame for faster movements.

On account of the recent outbreak and the events that have followed, having a balanced boxing training routine at home is imperative to keep your skills and fitness from rusting. But if you don’t have one yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be sharing 3 simple boxing training workouts that will help you stay fit and on course for your competition ahead.

Heavy Bag Training

 For a boxer, setting up a punching bag at home is like a part of faith. However, practicing at home is not something every boxer follows religiously and a poorly managed punching bag is a likely deterrent to your training regimen. Therefore, having a good quality punching bag available at home is now more important than ever.

Our RDX F10 White Training Punch Bag is one of the top-selling boxing equipment at Amazon and comes with a pair of top quality mitts. This helps you save your time and precious money in the search for and experimentation with new products.

Endurance and Strength Training

This type of training can involve the use of free-weights, resistance equipment, and some improvisations at home. You can also use your body-weight and create a high-intensity workout regimen through push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and a bit of lifting of weights at home.

By adopting a routine like this you are not only going to strengthen your muscles, joints, and bones but also improve the performance of your boxing movements when you enter the ring. Moreover, it will burn the excess calories that may impede your progress when catching up to your weight class.

Home-Based Cardio Exercises

Some of the best home-based boxing workouts come in the form of cardio-focused exercises. These high-intensity movements aim to raise your stamina levels and enhance muscular efficiency. Since cardio-routines are designed on faster movement models, the pace at which you spend energy and rest accustoms your body to when the same movement is required competing against an opponent.

You can start integrating a cardio routine through rope skipping and the RDX L1 9 ft. Leather Cable Jump Speed Skipping Rope may just be the perfect fit for you.

The best way to do it is by adding an active resting phase in which you significantly lower your rpm but keep going. This helps condition your blood hemoglobin to allow muscles to work at lower oxygen levels.

Using these three workouts in your routine will help you quickly get around this quarantine phase and still train like a beast. While you may not instantly adjust to it, keeping yourself motivated and consistent will help you make the best of the situation as well as enjoy the process.

If you #StayInTrainIn at home and have a passion to help others get fit, share these tips and exercises by adding the #FightTogether hashtag on your social media posts.


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