Get ready for an electrifying showdown in the heart of Saudi Arabia as Dmitry Bivol, the reigning WBA light heavyweight champion, emerges from a year-long hiatus to defend his coveted title. On the grand stage of the “Day of Reckoning” card at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the boxing world will witness a thrilling Bivol vs Lyndon clash.

This monumental event is set to take place at the end of the month, promising an unforgettable night of pugilistic excellence. It features not only this epic showdown but also the presence of boxing giants like Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and Daniel Dubois.

Bivol (21-0 11KOs), who has ten successful title defences under his belt, will be looking to prove his dominance once again. Meanwhile, Lyndon “Arthur” King (24-1 16KOs), recently claiming the vacant IBO light heavyweight title, aims to snatch the WBA light heavyweight strap from the grasp of the champion.

Can the underdog, Lnyndon Arthur, shock the world? Will Bivol stand guard once more? The answer lies within the twelve rounds of this epic saga. Mark your calendars for December 23rd, because when these two titans collide, the Kingdom Arena will tremble, and the world will watch, breathless, as a new chapter in boxing unfolds. 

Mark your calendars for this extraordinary boxing spectacle. It’s sure to set Riyadh ablaze with excitement on Saturday, as two classic boxers prepare to leave their mark in the “Day of Reckoning.”

Bivol vs Arthur Date, Time, and Venue 

The Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, braces for a stacked card on Saturday, December 23rd, 2023, featuring multiple title clashes and the return of legendary champions.

Date: Saturday, December 23rd, 2023

Time: 4 p.m. UK / 11 a.m. ET

Venue: Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Main Event Ringwalks (approx): 8:25 p.m. UK / 3:25 p.m. ET

Bivol vs Arthur Broadcast

The Bivol vs. Arthur fight will be available on DAZN PPV in the UK and the United States.

What’s on the Line in Bivol vs Arthur Bout? 

While the WBA Light Heavyweight Championship is the tangible prize, the Bivol vs. Arthur fight holds much more at stake for both fighters, making it a highly anticipated and potentially career-defining clash.

Day of Reckoning Fight Card

  • Anthony Joshua vs. Otto Wallin; Heavyweight
  • Deontay Wilder vs. Joseph Parker; Heavyweight
  • Dmitry Bivol vs. Lyndon Arthur; For Bivol’s WBA light heavyweight title
  • Daniel Dubois vs. Jarrell Miller; Heavyweight
  • Jai Opetaia vs. Ellis Zorro; Cruiserweight
  • Filip Hrgovic vs. Mark de Mori; Heavyweight
  • Arslanbek Makhmudov vs. Agit Kabayel; For Kabayel’s European heavyweight title
  • Frank Sanchez vs. Junior Fa; Heavyweight

Dmitry Bivol vs Lyndon Arthur Fighting Style Comparison 

Dimitri Bivol is known for his unique and effective fighting style that combines elements of various schools of boxing.

Lyndon Arthur’s Key Strengths:

Unorthodox Angles: Lyndon Arthur surprises opponents with unconventional punches from unique angles, keeping them off balance.

Precise Jabs and Apt Body Work: His precise jabs and effective body shots control the fight’s pace, gradually wearing down opponents.

Work Rate Engine: Arthur possesses phenomenal cardio. This relentless pressure tires his opponents down and opens up opportunities for him to score late in the fight.

Fighting Spirit: Arthur is a warrior with an immense heart. He never gives up, constantly pushing forward even when behind on points. This resilience makes him a tough opponent to break.

Lyndon Arthur’s Key Weaknesses:

Technical Deficiencies: RDX Sports‘ brand ambassador Arthur’s unorthodox style and high work rate can sometimes sacrifice technical precision. He can get caught overextending with punches, leaving him vulnerable to counters.

Defence Concerns: While Arthur has a sturdy chin, his focus on offence can sometimes compromise his defence. He can neglect head movement and body protection, making him susceptible to well-timed punches.

Decision-Making Flaws: He may leave himself open to counters or pursue risky exchanges that don’t benefit him in the long run.

Dmitry Bivol’s Key Strengths:

Technical Mastermind: Bivol’s footwork and jab are among the finest in the sport. He uses precise movement and sharp punches to control distance and tempo, accumulating points with ease.

Counterpunching Wizard: Dmitry Bivol possesses uncanny timing and anticipation, making him a dangerous counterpuncher. He waits for his opponent’s mistakes, then unleashes laser-like counters that catch them off guard.

Solid Defence: Bivol’s head movement and body positioning are exemplary. He seamlessly evades punches, minimises damage, and stays fresh and energetic throughout a fight.

Adaptability: Bivol is a cerebral fighter who adjusts his tactics mid-fight. His exceptional fight IQ helps him read his opponent, exploits their weaknesses, and shifts his strategy to maintain control.

Dmitry Bivol’s Key Weaknesses:

Limited KO Power: While Bivol can hurt his opponents, he lacks the one-punch KO power that some fighters possess. This could become a factor against a viable opponent who can withstand his sustained attack.

Susceptibility to Pressure: Bivol prefers to dictate the pace, and constant pressure can disrupt his rhythm. If drawn into a brawl, he might struggle against an aggressive opponent.

Experience Shortcomings: Compared to seasoned veterans, Bivol still has room for growth in terms of experience and ring IQ. This might play a role in close decision situations or late-round fatigue.

Dmitry Bivol

Lyndon Arthur


Footwork, jab, precision movement Technical Skills Unorthodox angles, precise jab, body attacks
High work rate and constant pressure Counterpunching Ability Exceptional timing and counters
Excellent head movement and positioning Defensive Prowess Keeps up the guard
Tactical adjustments mid-fight Adaptability Resilience and fighting spirit


Limited one-punch KO power KO Power High dependency on Jabs, limited power shots
Rhythm disruption under pressure Susceptibility to Pressure Sacrificing technical precision for high work rate
Room for growth in experience Experience Risky decision-making in the heat of the moment

Bivol vs Arthur Prediction

Bivol’s technical wizardry dances on a razor’s edge against Arthur’s relentless juggernaut. Bivol holds the precision, but Arthur’s iron chin and pressure might crack even the strongest defences. Buckle up for a brawl – Arthur’s fighting spirit could rewrite the script and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Anthony Joshua vs. Otto Wallin

The main event of the “Day of Reckoning” featuring Joshua vs. Wallin is a five-course feast of heavyweight fury. Sure, Joshua’s the big guy, boasting a record studded with 23 KOs, but Wallin’s the hungry challenger, eyes fixed on a career-defining upset. He’s been chasing this fight for years, and now, with one late-notice call, Joshua’s entire 2024 hinges on this ring war.

Remember 2017? Joshua at his peak, sending chills down Klitschko’s spine. Fast forward, there’s been ups and downs – stumbles against Ruiz Jr. and Usyk twice. But Joshua’s not done yet. Those recent wins, especially that August KO, prove he’s got fire in his belly. He wants to forget that tight Saudi loss to Usyk and write a new chapter, starting with Wallin.

But Wallin’s no pushover. This southpaw underdog nearly dethroned the mighty Fury himself! Six straight wins later, he’s coming in with swagger and a point to prove. Don’t expect a brawl – these two heavies with 37 combined KOs respect each other’s power. It’ll be a dance of caution, waiting for that one perfect punch. Remember, in this high-stakes game, all it takes is one clean shot to turn the tide. So buckle up, grab your fight night snacks, and prepare for a spectacle – Joshua vs. Wallin might just rewrite the heavyweight story!

Deontay Wilder vs. Joseph Parker

Joshua’s probable win this Saturday throws open the heavyweight door for either Wilder or Parker. Who steps through in 2024?

Wilder, the Bronze Bomber, returns after a yearlong silence. Two Fury losses still sting, but his fists haven’t forgotten their bite. A victory here rewrites his narrative, paving the way for a potentially lucrative year ahead.

Parker, ever the active contender, aims to erase the memory of his 2022 title loss. Three straight wins later, he’s back with a point to prove. A win today could land him a Joshua rematch or propel him towards a showdown with the mighty Wilder.

So, fight fans, keep your eyes peeled. An upset by Parker could spark a Joshua rematch. But if Wilder roars back, the long-awaited clash with Joshua might finally materialise. Tonight’s “Day of Reckoning” isn’t just a fight – it’s a heavyweight puzzle waiting to be pieced together. Tune in, settle in, and let the strategy unfold, one calculated punch at a time.


Saudi Arabia braces for a night of pugilistic fireworks this December 23rd as the “Day of Reckoning” fight card ignites the Kingdom Arena. In the main event, reigning light heavyweight king Bivol defends his throne against the relentless pressure of Arthur. Can Bivol’s technical wizardry withstand Arthur’s iron chin and relentless work rate? This clash of styles promises a heart-stopping spectacle.

Beyond the marquee bout, heavyweight titans clash as Joshua eyes redemption against Wallin, the southpaw who nearly dethroned Fury. Meanwhile, the Bronze Bomber, Wilder, roars back after a yearlong hiatus, eager to rewrite his narrative against the ever-active Parker. Each fight a puzzle piece, each punch a chapter in the thrilling saga of “Day of Reckoning.” Mark your calendars, boxing fans, for a night history won’t forget.


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