International Women’s Day on March 8 is a day we celebrate the political, social, cultural, and economic achievements of women. A woman deserves to be appreciated and acknowledged whether she’s a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend or a colleague.

This International Women’s Day we recognize their successes and progress across history and all nations.  Women have come a long way and have advanced over the past few decades. Despite all the challenges they have come strong in many fields including science, engineering and medicine. On the International women’s day we offer a gesture of appreciation and recognition to all women everywhere.

Here is our love and support bundled with unique gifts to make you feel special. We are here to help you find fun gifts for the athletic women in your lives. So, have no fear, we have got all covered for you with a special discount code RDXWomen.

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Pink MMA Gloves for Women

This March 8, we bring you a pair of grappling gloves that’ll be the envy of your training partner. Now you can have enhanced knuckle defense with resilient Maya Hide leather T7 Ego Pink MMA Gloves. And to top it off, these ladies gloves feature amazing grip and breathability in the palm for perfect support and comfort.

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Gel Padded Knee Protectors

Made from woven carbon fiber these knee pads are best for both beginners and pros. These advanced MMA knee guards are designed to hold your tendons and tissues to help you focus on your “A” game. Specially designed to prevent sweating or odor buildup, K1 Gel Padded Knee Protectors give you maximum support. A low profile knee pad for freedom of movement is always a plus.

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Combox Head Guard

This high quality Maya Hide™ leather T1 Combox Head Guard will keep your head in the right place. Ensuring overall face protection with high shock-absorbent qualities to give you best defense against those nasty blows. So get in there and spar with complete confidence knowing your head is safe and secure.

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Adjustable Weighted Vest

This International Women’s Day, brace yourself to be fitter and stronger with an enhanced workout routine. RDX R1 Adjustable 10-18KG Weighted Vest provides your workout a perfect ‘body armor’. It will help you push your limits to the next level. If you want to transform your cardio training with improved muscle building, this weighted vest is for you. It’s extremely convenient to use with a moisture repelling layer so that you stay dry even when you’re working up a sweat.

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Women Gym Gloves

These weightlifting gym gloves will do more than look good. Not only do they feel comfortable, the new look offers a sturdy design. Give your bodybuilding training a makeover with these workout gloves. These gloves will not only keep your daily routines clean but it will make you free of worries about loose grip, skin digging, or hand-suffocation.

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Ankle Strap for Cable Machine Workout

The adjustable strap makes it suitable for use around either ankle. The ankle strap is specially designed to improve ankle support and movement. It allows mobility and resistance enabling effective lower body workouts. The ankle strap makes lower-body workouts more efficient.

More power to your strength and wisdom. Happy International Women’s Day to all of you out there and do forget to use the special discounts offered. Use code RDXWomen and start your amazing shopping experience.


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