Are you looking for a workout that burns calories and carves your body at the same time? Do you want a full-body workout that’s challenging, fun and effective for weight loss? Then boxing is for you! Find out why boxing is the best workout for weight loss in particular.

Your body needs to serve a purpose and there’s no room for big, bulky muscles. You don’t need excess fat. This is why a boxer’s training routine is a great sport that demands complete endurance.

How Boxing Helps You Lose Weight

There are many ways to burn excess fat in your body, and boxing is one of them. Since it works with both cardiovascular and anaerobic systems, it is one the most effective forms of exercise. You name it, boxing involves elements of skipping, running, body-weight training, squat thrusts, press-ups, and sit-ups – providing a full-body workout.

It uses both the cardiovascular and anaerobic systems that in turn help burn calories in quick succession. One can feel thoroughly ‘worked out’ after a single session. It’s an intensive exercise that involves a range of other activities to help a person lose weight quickly. You will start finding results in as little as 4 weeks. It’s also a great way of relieving stress. You feel good after punching the bag! Plus it teaches you the significance of consistent hard work on your journey to weight loss.

Calorie Burner

Unlike many other cardiovascular exercises, boxing offers a significant calorie burn. It helps burn more calories than other cardio exercises. You can burn up to 1000 calories in a typical boxing session. If we look at the stats; walking (243 calories), jogging (398 calories) and running (544 calories) together can’t beat a good boxing session when it comes to burning calories. Boxing workouts are for you if you want to quickly lose weight and achieve weight loss goals.

Burns Belly Fat

We know punching a bag helps in calorie burning but it is efficient in burning fat too. Visceral fat, commonly found around the waist area, burns away easily with an intense boxing workout. This is important because all fats are not the same. Belly fat correlates with certain toxins. These toxins put your body at risk of certain diseases, such as heart disease and certain cancers such as esophageal cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. Belly fat also puts you at a higher risk of diabetes. Workout out as a boxer-in-training will help you reduce your medical risks

Entire Body Workout

Let’s face it, nobody wants to hop on the treadmill day in and day out or take the same route for a brisk walk every single day. It will quickly become boring and you will lose interest. Moreover, such workouts don’t offer the full body endurance you need for great fitness and healthy weight loss. A boxing workout will involve your entire body, sensitizing all your muscle groups to help you lose weight quickly. With punching of a speed bag, shadow boxing, jumping rope and resistance training built into most boxing workouts, you won’t need to add much else to your daily exercise routine to achieve the results you want.

Learning a new skill set like boxing will also help you to stay motivated. And if you are able to combine discipline with finding something that you really and sincerely enjoy learning, it will make for something that you can do for a long period of time.


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