Like it or not, Bobby Lashley is now an undeniable reality in the MMA industry. He has switched almost half-a-dozen MMA organizations before he joined Bellator MMA. The latest switch has proved lucky for him; since he has won all three of his fights so far up in the promotion.

After Lashley jumped ship from WWE to the MMA industry in December 2008, fans speculated a short career for the American, but little did they know about Lashley’s will power. Despite the fact that he has been changing MMA organizations for one reason or another, he has maintained a spectacular record of winning 11 fights out of the 13 fights he has fought.

Lashley’s recent victory in the Bellator 138 against Dan Charles is evidence of the fact that Lashley is here to stay in the MMA industry. Perhaps, the most impressive fact about Lashley is his maturity. He uses a balanced mix of power, accuracy and strength to counter his opponents. The first round was used by Lashley to understand his opponent and prepare ground for his second round’s deadly counter attack which left Charles completely helpless in front of his onslaught.

Analysing his MMA career record along with his performance against Charles today, we can deduce that

Lashley has a very bright future in the Mixed Martial Arts Industry. If he continues at this pace, he will soon get a shot at the title.

Do you think Lashley would be able to continue his undefeated streak of victories in the Bellator or would he falter as he go up the ladder of opponents in the heavyweight division?


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