Conor “The Notorious” McGregor got his mettle proved when he defeated Eddie Alvarez in what seemed like a brawl of the titans to become the only artist to don two-division belts in the history of the promotion.

However, owning to his inactivity and infamous actions outside the octagon, the Irish native had to relinquish both belts. Now, as the 30-year-old fighter has been cleared from court, he is all revved up to grab back the lightweight badge, which he once wore with pride. In order to win back the accolade that the Notorious have been eyeing for quite some time, he will have to trample upon the undefeated reigning champ Khabib Nurmagomedov. The two are all set to engage in a festival of fire and fury as the headliner for UFC 299 on October 06.

The Russian Eagle while talking to the media last year at open workouts for UFC 209 said that he was quite skeptical of his most bitter rival’s win against Eddie Alvarez. Though this is previous year’s statement, it may indicate that the 29-year-old artist may doubt the transparency of his upcoming fight against McGregor.

This is what the Dagestani resident had to say,

“I don’t care about him [McGregor], you guys know his Uncle Dana give him a gift. He jumped over all contenders and he fought for the title. I do not understand this fight [McGregor vs. Alvarez], he catch him a few times and he falls down—to me this is a fake fight.”

 The fighter went on to add,

 “He [McGregor] catches him a few times and he [Alvarez] falls down. I do not understand—a lot of people have a lot of questions about this fight.”

Whether Conor’s win was fixed or not, is a debate that needs lengthy discussion. However, these past statements by the reigning champ do reflect that he may have difficulty in accepting UFC 229 decision, if it doesn’t rule in his favour. But what is the outcome of the fight, we have yet to see.

Whom would reign lightweight summit, Khabib or Conor? Share your views here.


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