The fans and followers of RDX Sports are always well-cared for. We love to support and sponsor combat sports enthusiasts worldwide. Therefore, we held a Ticket Giveaway Contest, to see how hyped the fans were about UFC 279.

Unexpectedly, UFC’s first-ever “Card Shuffle” from Chimaev Vs Diaz to Tony Vs Nate thrilled fans of the sport worldwide. From the antics backstage to the wildness of the weight cut we got to experience multiple “First times ever” at UFC 279.

209 Diaz and El Cucuy fan Lauren Flynn, was our lucky winner of the UFC Fight Pass to Las Vegas. She got the opportunity to attend the most exciting event of the year and witness the martial glory of her two favorite fighters, Nate Diaz and Tony Ferguson.

RDX came up with a couple of questions for Lauren Flynn, on her way back home after watching the main event in person; she was delighted to do so. Here are some of her key tips in order to become the next lucky winner of the RDX Super Giveaway. 

1- How long have you been following RDX Sports, and what inspired you to participate in our TICKET GIVEAWAY contests so avidly? 

I have been following RDX for 3 years. I was inspired to enter the contest because 2 of my favorite fighters were on the card (Ferguson & Diaz)

2- How did you ensure that you stood out while participating in our giveaway, any tips that you would like to give to future participants?

I noticed that other participants weren’t following instructions so I made sure that I did everything requested and entered on multiple social media sites. 

Lauren Flynn using RDX SI Shin guards

3- How does it feel to win a fight pass to Vegas, and was it your first visit to Vegas

It felt amazing to win (of course) and yes, it was my first time visiting Las Vegas.

4- How did you feel attending the UFC main event live, and who was your main card favorite

At first, I was nervous about going to the T-Mobile arena alone for the fight, but my dad ended up going with me. His seat wasn’t too far away from mine, so it didn’t feel like I was alone. My favorite fight was the main event Tony vs Nate.

5- What’s your take on the last-minute main card switches

I’m glad that the card changed. I don’t think Chimaev deserved to fight Diaz. Ferguson was the better matchup for Nate for sure.

6- Apparently from your social media presence, you’re a Tony Ferguson fan. What were your feelings when you saw Tony live? 

I loved seeing Ferguson fight in person. I’ve been a fan for many years. Diaz and Ferguson are my 2 favorite fighters, so I hated to see either lose.

7- Any message for your fellow RDX Sports fans

I encourage other fans to follow RDX on all social media platforms. Also, follow instructions when there is a contest to ensure you will be considered when they pick a winner.

The Ticket Giveaway Wrap-Up!

It’s no surprise that Nate vs Tony was a fight everyone had their eyes set on. Team RDX stands with The Boogeyman for his relentless performance against the Gangsta Nate Diaz. He truly knows how to put on a show for his fans and RDX will always be on the CSO train. 

More than anything RDX would like to express our immense gratitude to Lauren Flynn and the rest of our incredible fans for standing by RDX and joining our family. We at RDX Sports intend to offer more fun freebies. So keep a close watch on our socials for UFC 280 surprises and in case you too would like the very best in MMA equipment. Stay tuned for more Giveaways, Prizes, and much more at RDX Sports!



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