Khamzat Versus Diaz was announced for UFC 279 on Sept. 10 at T-Mobile Arena. And though we may all be excited to see such a bout between two legendary gangsters. One new and one old. The fight may be one of the worst matchups in UFC history. Many professionals and fans of the sport strongly believe that Nate Diaz is being thrown to the wolves by the UFC. Here is everything everyone has been saying about the fight from the pros to the fans.

The Pro Take:

Khamzat “Borz” Chimaev

Had this to say during an interview with journalist Ariel Helwani:

“Im happy hes fighting with me. Hes one of the legends. He’s one of the ones everyone is speaking about like “Gangster, Gangster” I’m going to show him who is the gangster. Like i told before, we’re from Chechnya. …. We eat the gangsters for breakfast.”

Dan Hardy:

“Feels like we’re getting to the point where someone should start thinking about pressing charges. It doesn’t feel like a fair fight. Like a very, very cruel thing to do to someone that is a legitimate legend. Because they’ve spoken out against the organization, they’re going to get executed live on TV. That’s kind of how it feels, and it makes me feel uncomfortable to think that’s the way it’s going to go down.”

“I just hope Nate comes through it alright, because I think he’s got good opportunities outside the UFC. It’s just a shame that they’re going to do this assassination attempt on him before he leaves. I just hope Nate comes through it alright, because I think he’s got good opportunities outside the UFC. It’s just a shame that they’re going to do this assassination attempt on him before he leaves. I think I said what I needed to about it.”

“I just feel very unfortunate that it’s happening, and that we can’t celebrate these fighters when they’re coming to the end of their career. But it’s the UFC’s style, isn’t it? If they decide they’re parting ways with you, they try to damage you in every way possible. Unfortunately, if you’re a fighter and they want to damage you, they can actually physically do it, which is a shame.”

Gilbert Burns

I might start a camp in case something happens 

Leon Edwards
Jul 26, 2022  Leon Edwards doesn’t love Khamzat Chimaev vs. Nate Diaz – BTSports

“If I had to put money on it I’d probably go to Khamzat but I’d love Nate to get it done. He’s done so much for the company and I wish they gave him a veteran, a nice fight to bow out to. To give an up-and-coming guy that’s had four or five fights in the UFC, and a wrestler guy as well — I think they f***** up. They should’ve gave him a better fight.”

“But I would love Nate to get it done. But as I said, if I’m a betting man I’d probably go with Khamzat. You can’t not like Nate. He is who he is. I’ve watched this guy’s coming up at 16 or 17 when I was getting into MMA. I wish him well in his career and whatever he wishes to do next. [Boxing] Jake Paul or wherever he decides to go.”


Ariel Helwani

“I believe they can keep offering it [a previously declined matchup]. But again, there’s no real rhyme or reason to any of this. They can get rid of that thing, they can waive it, the same way they can cut you after one loss and after you’ve signed a four-fight deal or a six-fight deal. And by the way, if they offered him [Nate Diaz] Khamzat right now, I think he would take it. That’s how badly he wants to move on.”

“That fight makes no sense… think about this: If promoter X was working with Nathan Diaz; let’s say Eddie Hearn promoted Nathan Diaz. Do you think Eddie Hearn or any promoter… would try to book his guy with someone like Khamzat? Given the match-up, given the skill-set, given where they’re at in their respective careers, given who Khamzat has fought… why in the world would this make any sense for Diaz? Nathan Diaz in the world of boxing would never entertain that fight in a gazillion years, it would never even be brought to his attention.”

“Why is it a bogus offer? The only reason it was offered was two-fold… either A: If you’re gonna leave us, you’re gonna leave on a loss or B: You’re gonna turn this down, your contract will be extended. Those are the only reasons, there was never a true genuine interest, there was not a true genuine demand to see this fight. So the only reason it’s offered is for those two reasons… and that’s why it’s bogus.”

David Feldman CEO BKFC (Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship)

“I think it would be a great fit for our organization. Let’s see what happens with this fight that they just announced in the UFC with him (Nate).”

Peter Murray PFL (Professional Fighting League) CEO

“We’ll certainly continue to sign major fighters. Absolutely [we’ll talk with Nate Diaz],” Murray said; “What is there to be ready for? We have capital, we have wherewithal and we’re not a regional player, we’re a global player. and now we’re investing in the future.”

Darren till

What a fight

Artem Lobov

“I don’t understand people saying that, that’s f****** crazy, If you’re in the UFC and you still want to compete then you have to compete. Imagine you had a 100 meter race and you tell the rest of the guys, ‘don’t go 100 per cent, go a bit slower, make it easier for the other guys. What the f*** are you talking about? Are you a fighter? Are you ready to fight? (if not) Then retire. 

I have always been against padding records and this to me would feel like you’re trying to get an easy fight. All respect to Nate Diaz for taking such a tough fight. Khamzat is a killer. This is a massive fight and I respect Nate for accepting such a tough fight. 

That to me shows he is still in a great mindset, and anything can happen in a fight. I will never, ever accept that they should give him an easier fight. If you’re ready 100 percent and you’re fighting, then fight. If you’re not there anymore or whatever, just stop fighting, don’t make a mockery of the sport.”

Kamaru Usman

“It’s five rounds. It is five rounds. If Nate somehow takes care of his self to where he can withstand some of those shots, ay, it’s five rounds, If he hangs out — just like he did with Leon (Edwards), you hang out till the fifth round, might be able to make something shake.”

Brett Okamoto

Khamzat vs. Nate. UFC 279 on Sept. 10 at T-Mobile Arena. Main event. Five rounds. Verbally agreed, per UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell. It is the final fight on Nate Diaz’s current UFC contract.

Phillip Rowe

Nate Diaz has fought elite competition, has world class Jiu Jitsu and is as confident as they come in this fight. Everyone wants to talk about this being a bad matchup. You’re crazy. I got Khamzat by TKO in the 1st.

Ben Askren

This might be really ugly

Belal Muhammad

I hope Nate and Leon both win and ruin everyone’s plans

Jake Paul

Better believe I’m putting my money on Nate Diaz to win versus fake Khabib

The Fan Take:

“If Khamzat KOs Diaz, he would become the biggest star in the UFC,” a fan tweeted.”

“This is f**king stupid,” a fan tweeted. “I love the UFC but sometimes they do the dumbest s**t ever. McGregor Vs Diaz just makes way more sense both on paper and prep for Connor. I don’t know anything about their business model, let alone the fight business in general but I won’t be watching.”

“Really Nate Diaz vs Khamzat? For what? that’s like Ferguson vs Chandler but far worse,” another fan tweeted.

“I refuse to believe that in 2022 there’s a bunch of casual fans who know who Nate Diaz is and will tune in to watch him fight…,” a fan wrote. “Who still cares about Nate fighting good fighters at this point?”

“Rip Diaz.”

“Nate Diaz is gonna lose to Chimaev”

“Khamzat Chimaev is gonna maul Nate Diaz lol UFC tryna send Nate away in a body bag”

Dana White Responds

“I can tell you this: Leon Edwards, Dan Hardy, and anybody else out there yapping, has never dealt with the Diaz brothers, OK? It’s a very unique experience. It takes a very f***ing long time, and we got through it and here we are. It’s a very popular fight people are going to want to see, that people like, and everybody’s getting what they want. Dan Hardy and Leon Edwards don’t have to watch it. They can go to the movies that night.”

Dana also mentioned how Nate had fought every big name in the division and hence it wouldn’t make sense to give him anything less than a big new name.

“Imagine this, Dan Hardy, Leon Edwards: You have millions of fight fans all over the world. I give fights people want to see. I come out and say, ‘You know what, Nate Diaz’s last fight, we’re going to give him this guy who we think is a really easy fight for Nate Diaz, let him bow.’ Come on, you two. Wake up, boys. It’s not how it works. Do you think Nate Diaz wants to go out like that? That’s why you guys better stick to fighting and stay out of promoting. I don’t even have to defend myself. This is the fight Nate Diaz wanted. … They also asked for Francis Ngannou, they also asked for Kamaru Usman. It’s like … do you know what I mean?”

Although many think that the fight may be mismatched, we think that both legends will make a rare fight for all involved. UFC 279s main card with Nate’s pure endurance and Chimaev’s smesh style fighting, will go down in the history books for the UFC and MMA in general.

RDX will be following up with every detail on this blog. The chatter will continue and day by day it’ll get more intense as the fight comes closer and closer. We all know the extreme nature of this fight’s underbelly and the controversy that comes along with it. But RDX Sports will be here to report on it through to the end.


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