The second appearance Leo Santa Cruz (35-1-1, 19 Kos) vs. Abner Mares (31-2-1, 15 KOs) amassed huge appreciation as the two fighters displayed their best potentials. On Saturday, the two Mexicans squared off for the second time in three years at Staples Centre in Los Angeles. A 12-round fiery bout between the two resulted in “The Earthquake” again donning WBA 126-pound championship crown with a unanimous decision 115-113,116-112, 117-111. Although the controversial nature of their initial encounter (most fans vote in favour of Santa Cruz), the Mexican-American artist notched up his performance in the recent match. However, despite executing some impressive blows, he was unable to manage a draw as well, as his performance lacked power.

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The fight offered plenty of entertainment. Initially, 32-year-old Mexican American seemed to be controlling the ring. However, Santa Cruz soon took over and fully dominated the last rounds of the fight, with judges scoring 29-year-old fighter the victor. Post-fight Mares showed an interest in a 3rd match against Cruz. However, most fans are not excited about yet another fight between the two. In fact, Cruz has been calling out for featherweight champ Gary Russell Jr. Though there is a great possibility for this fight to take place, Russell Jr.’s previous 4-year record shows that one cannot conveniently matchmake with him.

Santa’s strategy against Mares included defining power jabs and lethal phenomenal left and right hooks. Though Mares was able to cope up with the inflicted pain, Santa’s bombardment of shots did not cease. He continued to take on his rival with powerful shots that made himself invincible for 32-year-old Mares. Although Mares had bagged victory in his only two fights since losing to Cruz in 2015, he couldn’t pull an effective strategy to make a comeback against the Earthquake. The bout followed a similar pattern it did in 2015 with only difference in Mares stronger will to fight back. Though it was quite evident that Mares lacked the explosiveness, the only graceful option that he was left with was to fight back and hope for a draw.

Santa Cruz’s win got him a whopping $1 million purse while Mares bagged $ 750,000.


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