If you despise running on a notorious treadmill for hours, then consider enjoying a MMA workout, which is far more exciting and will also help you shed your calorie spread.

Designed by owner of Garden State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in New Jersey Chris Ulbricht, the exercise regime revolves around basic MMA moves that target fat reserves on the body. Suited for days when you procrastinate to visit the gym, this workout gives you the much desired variety and suitable physical activity to target your weight issues. The movements also plays an integral role in introducing fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA, if you thinking about taking up the sport.

And the best thing about this workout is that promises a lot of fun. The activity shifts your fatigue into an engaging workout combing your favourite sport and your best skills.


Engage in a workout with high speed and intense moves to maximize your weight loss goals.

Pre-Workout Moves

Perform a 10-minute warm-up exercise. Run for 8 minutes and perform the following in the remaining two minutes:

  • Arms open to arms closed – 1 minute
  • Arms moving in circular position – 1 minute

Start With Stretching

  • Bend down, moving your arms in between your legs in a manner that you curved angle lies at the hips and not your lower back. Hold the curved angle for a few seconds extending your arms as you stand up.
  • Stand upright holding a kettlebell in your hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Move to a squatting position, pivoting at the hips. Bend over straightening your arms through you extended legs.

Standing Up Technically

Sit on the floor in a manner that one arm is extended behind you, hand resting on the floor. Curve up the leg of the same side placing the knee on the floor. Bend the opposite leg so that your foot is firmly placed on the floor and the knee points towards the ceiling. Using your hand placed behind your back and the opposite bent leg raise your bottom from the ground, turning the bent leg. Using the bent leg’s foot, rise up.


An important movement in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; the movement helps a fighter resume his standing position after blocking an attack.

Walk Like An Alligator

Place your body in a push-up position bending one of your legs. Your bent leg’s foot should be positioned in such a style that the foot lies flat with the toes turned away from your body. By using your bent leg move forward staying in a push-up position alternating legs with each forward step.


MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter spend a lot of time practising making hips heavy and light on the floor with similar moves. It helps strengthen the core and improve hip flexion, two important aspects of success in a fight.


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