Losing weight isn’t possible if you are not consistent with your workout. Experimenting with your diet or engaging into sporadic workouts won’t help you change your outlook. If you are really looking for shedding some pounds then first you need to get familiar with your body. You need to make mindful choices and then stick to them, while religiously performing your workout.

Once you have realized that strength training is the route that you want to follow, make sure that you have a solid plan. You need to be clear about the workout that you will be doing, its benefits, and the goals that you wish to achieve from it. If you are particularly aiming for weight loss, then you need to focus on heavier weights frequently.

We all are different and so are our bodies. While each one of us needs to workout differently for losing weight, as a rule of thumb starters must begin with lifting weights from 3 to 5 times in a week. As your routine starts to kick in go on increasing the number of sessions. Make sure that you space out your workouts evenly so that you do not get sore muscles or over train them. You can begin by targeting specific muscle groups, on specific days. The following chart can help you break down your workout plan.

  • Monday – Abs and Legs
  • Tuesday – Shoulders and Upper Body
  • Wednesday – Cardio workout
  • Thursday – Arms and Back
  • Friday – Full body conditioning
  • Saturday – Yoga or Flexibility exercises
  • Sunday – Rest day

While working out, make sure that you are well hydrated. Replenish your body reserves by taking a balanced diet and proper sleep.


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