A very surprising claim about a possible Mayweather knockout was made by one Mario Saunders of the ‘Las Vegas Post’. According to him, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was knocked out by one of his sparring partners Zab Judah. According to ‘sources’, namely a Mario Saunders of the Las Vegas post, claims Floyd emptied out the gym after being KOd stiff.

The real question here though is WHO is Mario Saunders or the Las Vegas Post? And if this is true, has Floyd Mayweather been acting out of character lately?

The tale of Mayweather knockout

Mr. Saunders says that Mayweather was sparring with Zab Judah in his training camp when the session got heated. The fighters started brawling and Mayweather was knocked out by Judah in the skirmish.

The ‘journalist’ also said that Mayweather was very upset afterward and cleared the boxing training facility to be alone.

If this story was true, Conor McGregor would have to be very happy about the Mayweather knockout. Judah has a fighting style similar to that of McGregor’s and camp McGregor’s celebrations wouldn’t be unfounded. If the story is true that is.

Floyd has been out of character recently, complementing McGregor, being humble (as humble as he can be), making things easier for his opponent, etc. the whole thing is very unlike him.

This story could be an attempt at some mind games from a certain opponent’s camp, but that is just speculation for now.

The truth of the matter

When you look at the story, it seems very unlikely.

No one in the boxing or sports news world is heard of Mario Saunders.

There is no such organization as Las Vegas Post; either online or traditional.

And then there are the comments Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, has made;

“[The claims are] False. No. Zab is in camp. Zab is a tremendous fighter – he’s been helping with the preparations along with several other sparring partners. They are really pushing Floyd, but nothing like that. It never happened.”

Photo source: Metro UK

So there you have it. From all the information above, it is clear to see that the ‘Mayweather knockout’ never happened. If there was some truth to any of it, some visual or eyewitness account would have been presented by now. And until it does, we should accept the facts.

McGregor and his camp will have to hold their happiness and celebrations until Aug 26, when Mayweather and McGregor enter the ring at T Mobile Arena.


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