The start in L.A was fiery and more than what people expected but the highlight of the tour so far was Toronto.
Mayweather was on point, but McGregor was absolutely blazing.

Toronto Loves McGregor

Dana White worked hard to make Toronto one of the press tour stops and he was right. Fans turned up by the thousands to get a glimpse of the two biggest sports figures in the world right now.
The majority of the fans were supporting Conor McGregor, which was clear from the way they joined in his chant against Mayweather.
And it only got worse for Mayweather from there.
From Money’s dressing sense to his financial and reading problems, everything was on the table.
McGregor hit verbal jab with precision and had the crowd on his side throughout his turn at the mic.
He didn’t even let Showtime executives off the hook for allegedly cutting his mic off in L.A.

Photo Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Mayweather and the Toronto Flag

Mayweather started off by trying to start a chant of his own, trying to get the crowd involved.
Alas, he only heard boos in return.
Crowd pleasing is not one of Mayweather’s strong points. He stumbled and bumbled throughout the press conference and the crowd let him hear it at every step.
At one point he falsely said he was wearing the ‘Toronto Flag’; it was actually the Canadian Flag’s maple leaf that he was wearing.

Photo Credit: Metro UK

Tricks and Gimmicks in New York

When the tour hit New York fans went crazy, they lined up at the arena hours earlier.
The fighters were late to the show. The crowd did not appreciate that.
When they finally showed up, it was evident that the fighters are running out of things to say to each other.
Conor McGregor stirred some controversy by making remarks that were ill advised.
The wit that all fans of McGregor love seemed to be missing in New York. He must get his groove back before he hits the stage in London.
‘Money’ threw money at McGregor and there was a lot of cursing.
The highlight of the night happened when Mayweather’s team surrounded McGregor a slight scuffle ensued. It was straightened out in minutes and after a final staredown, both fighters left the stage.
The spark-less presser left many wondering if the fighters are running out of things to say.
The last leg of the tour takes place in London today; here is to hoping that both fighters are on point when they take the stage.

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Tell us in your comments below. The fight will take place on 26th of August 2017 in T-mobile Arena, Las Vegas. Join the countdown!


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