One word for risk, injury, thrill, lethal blows and pride is MMA. MMA fans are no strangers to adversity. However, in order to enjoy this challenging sport, its artists need to keep themselves prepared for the worst. The best way to relish its thrills are by shielding yourself from most unkind blows using protective gear.

RDX Sports feels proud to present its own versatile range of Boxing/MMA and Fitness gear. After wearing RDX fight gear fighters instantly feel the difference in their confidence, discipline, focus, respect, honesty, self esteem, leadership, and much more. RDX fitness gear provides cover for every body part of the body from head to toe. MMA fighters often get hooked to RDX gear once they get the taste of it. Get more speed and power with RDX boxing gloves and knock out your opponent in a single punch. Protect your teeth with specially designed RDX mouth guard. Other must have MMA gear includes hand wraps, head gear, groin guard, shin protectors, and much more.

RDX Head Guard

Save your head for a MMA crown by protecting it with a head guard. Made of authentic cowhide leather, RDX head guards provide maximum protection without obstructing your view. Shock-absorbent, these head guards shield the head and the cheeks. Extremely light from the inside, the wicking material keeps them sweat free and are designed to stand most brutal blows from the outside. You can easily adjust your head with the help of rare lace design, thus allowing you to keep your head high.

RDX Mouth Guard

MMA is known for its devastating punches that inflict gruesome damage. However, you can minimize the risk of mouth injury by using RDX mouth guards. Especially designed to withstand tricky MMA moves, this boil-and-bite gum protector is designed to fit perfectly into the shape of your mouth providing a cushion for the molars too. Now you can engage fearlessly into ruthless moves by keeping your mouth well-guarded.

RDX Hand Wraps

In order to ensure complete protection of your hands from brutal punching in MMA, you should use RDX hand wraps. These Mexican-styled, extra-thick wraps are built to protect your wrists, fists and knuckles from lethal injuries. Their elasticity makes them a perfect fit for every type of hand.

RDX MMA Gloves

By using gloves that are extremely light to wear but help in executing the most lethal punches can help you master exceptionally good MMA moves. Keep your hands protected as you inflict some serious damage on your opponent with these neoprene material gloves that help improve your blood circulation absorbing away the shock with its equilibrium sheet. You can keep throwing punches at a fiery speed without having to worry about the temperature of your hands, as its effective gel-lining controls the temperature while ensuring breathability.

RDX Groin Guard

Keep your sensitive parts well-protected from your opponent’s slaughtering moves. Designed to shield the groin, kidneys and stomach from bruises, RDX Groin Guards come equipped with high-quality polymer shell to reduce the intensity of pain. Their versatile cups allow you to adjust these guards according to your own protective needs.

RDX Shin Protectors

RDX Shin Protectors are manufactured to keep you away from serious impact during MMA training. Extremely light-weight, these shin protectors are designed to keep away bad odour while ensuring your agility. They are shock-resistant and their wicking technology keeps moisture away.


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