Glasgow: England’s Nicola Adams became the first ever female Commonwealth Games boxing champion after she managed to beat Northern Ireland’s Michaela Walsh.

Adams won the first Olympic Boxing title in the year 2012 and since then she has only lost once. That loss came during the quarter-finals of the European Championship back in June. However, this only made her more confident to grab the title in Glasgow.

Throughout the flyweight final, Nicola Adams was able to land cleaner shots and was later awarded a split decision.

On the other hand, Savannah Marshall claimed the other gold medal for England, after she was able to beat the Canadian star, Ariane Forth, in the women’s middleweight final.

With the Leeds fighter bagging a gold medal along with Savannah Marshall, England have managed to bag accumulate 50 gold medals during these Commonwealth Games.

Adam’s four-round bout against her opponent, Michaela Walsh, began with both the parties entering a cagey affair. It was hard to determine at first that who might win the round. But as the first round picked up heat, Adams appeared to be landing the cleaner shots.

In the second round she picked up more pace. She was able to land cleaner shots with her stronger right hand. On the other hand, Walsh was also able to give out a strong fight.

During round 3 it was all Adams as Walsh began to show signs of fatigue. This gave Adams the opportunity to demonstrate her experience. By staying out of harm’s way, Adams was able to clinch the title.

While talking to the reporters, Adams said, “I’m overwhelmed. I can’t believe it. The support I have had – I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has turned up today and to those who have supported from home. I knew it was close through the rounds but I thought I had done enough to just take it. It’s definitely been a Scottish rumble in the jungle.”

On the other hand, Walsh felt a bit cheated throughout the fight. The runner-up for this event said, “It was a close fight but I wanted it that wee bit more. She is Olympic champion and the two judges had it level, but I know in my heart I won the fight. I’d like to say congratulations to Nicola Adams, she is a great boxer for women’s boxing but I do feel I have been cheated of the gold.”

In the other fight between the English and Canadian boxers, the two judges gave a 40-36 score to both the parties. However, Marshal was able to show some eye-catching work in order to tilt the decision in her favour.

Another final for the lightweight gold, Australian Shelley Watts was able to beat the English star, Natasha Jones, in the first round of the match.


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