When we talk of building muscle mass the easy way, the first thought that comes to mind is gulping hoards of protein shakes. Walk past by any fitness club, and you’ll spot as many shaker bottles as the number of trainers. Amassing muscles using powders, supplements and bars have become an intrinsic part of our fitness culture. For most fitness enthusiasts, fitness regimes do not have their wholesome effect without supplementing it with a protein shake before, after or during a rest period. Readily available from varied sources (whey, pea, egg) protein powders have carved a permanent impression in our lifestyle.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or just strive for an occasional wheezy workout, chances are high that you have indulged yourself with an invigorating protein shake. Perhaps the protein smoothie fad has been center of your attention lately. But is gulping down that tempting-power-packed drink religiously required and if yes, then when is the best time to multiply the effects of this recipe to maximize its benefits?

Protein Powder Myths Busted

From seasoned fitness experts to gym beginners, protein powder is a commodity that is usually connoted as an essential fitness routine. So the first thing that fitness enthusiasts do is purchase a tub of protein and start using it whenever they workout. However, your protein intake should not exceed your body requirements. If you are getting your daily protein need met by wholesome meals, it is best to keep your protein substitutes at bay. Proteins powders work best when your body is crunched and it’s a good way to revitalize it.

Despite the labels telling a different story, a higher-priced protein powder many not essentially be richer in terms of its effects. Therefore instead of focusing on terms like “easily digestible” or “hydrolyzed” it’s better to opt for third-party certifying products from a reputable company. When you have narrowed down your options to a few, choose for protein powders based on the nutritional values that they offer. Protein supplements with low fat and low carbs are a good choice to make.

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Now The Real Question: When To Consume Your Shake?

After finally purchasing your quality-packed supplement, the real challenge could be choosing the right time to maximize its effects on your body. While most fitness enthusiasts consider pre-workout protein intake to show miraculous effects, this is not really the case. You may have put on your workout tracksuit and now are getting ready to gulp that liquid energy reserve. You need to stop and know that though you can drink that energizer in the same workout tracksuit after the workout, its best to know when it will yield optimal results. The most common ways to consume protein shakes are as make-up meal or after the workout.

Photo: RDX Workout Men’s Tracksuit

Protein Shake Meal

Protein shake meal is an ideal way to replace your missed meal as a quick-fix. To make most out of it, you can toss in a few fruits, healthy fats and one or two vegetable leaves. These super shakes are a good replacement if you don’t plan or miss your meal. Moreover, these shakes also come in handy when you are looking to gain weight.

Many people may think of it as an opportunity to discard the traditional meal preparation and relying solely on super shakes. However, powder, no matter how nutritious, cannot replace the health benefits of natural alternatives. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider protein shake as a supplement but not the source of protein intake. Standard recipes considering the respective needs for both men are women are given below.


Protein Powder – 2 scoops

Vegetable – 2 cups of spinach leaves

Fruit – Any two fruits of your choice

Healthy Fat – 2 tablespoons of Almond butter or any seed

Mixer – Milk, water, coconut milk etc.


Protein Powder – One scoop

Vegetable – 1 cup of spinach leaf

Fruit – Any two fruits of your choice

Healthy Fat – 1 tablespoon of Almond butter or any seed

Mixer – Milk, water, coconut milk etc.

Following Work-Out

Previously it was believed that a post-workout protein shake optimizes the performance, increasing the overall benefits manifold. While protein shakes right after a tedious regime do help in muscle strength and overall recovery, they are not an absolute essential. Simply put, if you do not consume a protein shake right after your workout, you will still be reaping its benefits. However, consuming a shake is more of a conscious choice rather than an absolute essential.


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