9/13/2023 – In the dynamic and action-packed world of combat sports, two powerhouses have united to drive the global evolution of MMA.

RDX Sports, a renowned manufacturer of combat sports equipment with a 20-year legacy, is synonymous with innovation and quality in sporting gear. On the other side, we have the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), a global advocate for developing Mixed Martial Arts and elevating it to an Olympic sport.

This strategic partnership between RDX Sports and IMMAF goes beyond business; it’s a profound commitment to RDX’s core values: “MOVE, IMPROVE, EVOLVE,” within the broader martial arts arena.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said:

“We are delighted to welcome RDX Sports as our official global kit supplier. This partnership is a pivotal step in our long-term vision with RDX Sports. Together, we envision the development of new ranges of kits and apparel at a scale never seen before within the IMMAF ecosystem.”

Kerrith Brown and Ray Qudos: Forging a Global Path for MMA with IMMAF and RDX Sports Collaboration

On a similar note, RDX CMO, Ray Qudos, said:

“We take immense pride and pleasure in being named as IMMAF’s official and accredited global kit supplier, solidifying our strategic partnership for the upcoming year and beyond.”

MMA Outreach and Development

MMA, often considered one of the most demanding combat sports, is finding its way into the hearts and minds of countless aspiring athletes, thanks to this groundbreaking partnership.

Together, RDX Sports and IMMAF champion community programs, youth engagement initiatives, and comprehensive support for amateur fighters. These efforts aim to not only promote the sport but also nurture the next generation of fighters, instilling values of discipline, respect, and perseverance.

Numerous young athletes have embarked on transformative journeys by stepping into an MMA gym. The IMMAF has amplified their stories, with many rising stars to become champions in international MMA promotions.

RDX and IMMAF: Uniting Forces to Transform the MMA Landscape Globally

Enhancing MMA Standards

Safety is paramount in any sport, including MMA. In a concerted effort, the partnership between RDX and IMMAF is dedicated to developing and implementing standardized training and safety protocols.

These enhanced standards benefit fighters, coaches, and officials, ensuring a secure environment for athletes. Moreover, they promote a more professional and structured approach to the sport, contributing to the resilience and success of the MMA community.

Advancing the Sport

MMA is a sport that continuously evolves, and RDX Sports and IMMAF are at the forefront of these transformations. They contribute to the advancement of MMA not only through rule set innovations but also through cutting-edge equipment technology and event organisation. Training methods and fight preparation have seen revolutionary advancements, enabling athletes to reach new heights in their performance. The ultimate goal? Olympic recognition.

This partnership between RDX Sports and IMMAF represents a significant milestone in the world of MMA. It symbolises progress, safety, and the continued evolution of the sport, bringing us closer to witnessing MMA’s inclusion in the Olympic Games.

A New Era for MMA: RDX and IMMAF’s Global Collaboration Takes Flight

About IMMAF:

Established in 2012, IMMAF’s mission is to further the development, recognition, and regulation of MMA worldwide. They enable amateur competition through the organisation of national MMA federations globally. IMMAF offers advanced programs for the education and certification of MMA coaches, referees, and technical officials. Recognised by WADA, IMMAF is the sole legitimate international governing body for MMA, working diligently to gain sport recognition and secure MMA’s place in the Olympic Games.

About RDX Sports:

RDX Sports commenced its operations in Bury, Greater Manchester, England, on 24th February 1999, as a small-scale retailer specialising in bespoke gloves for boxers. Recognising the unique needs of each contact sport, RDX began designing specific gloves for different genres, prioritising fighter safety above all else. By 2004, RDX expanded its UK base from a small-scale producer to a manufacturer of a wide range of contact sports equipment. They established warehouses in Houston, Texas, USA, and Bury, Greater Manchester, UK, with distribution lines extending to Australia, the Americas, and Europe. In 2023, they expanded their reach to Canada and Germany, offering websites in seven languages and maintaining a dominant presence on Amazon in 17 geographic platforms.


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