Though as much working out may be your thing, there are some days when you don’t want to spend the whole evening pumping iron. If you desire a quick fix for an evening workout without compromising on your muscle movement, then sandbag workout is what you should be considering investing your time and energy in.

An ideal tool to give your muscles the challenge they need, this functional gear ranks high on the utility scale despite lacking the elegance. Since sand is constantly shifting, its center of gravity is not stationary, thus engaging your core more effectively than picking up static weight would do.

Sandbag Workout Boons

So what do sandbag workouts have for you in store? Lots of impact and speedy results. Easy to use, you can consider using this old-school gear at your gym or get your own to improve flexion of your muscles.

Sandbag workouts are ideal for both isolated and combined movements. Following are a sandbag workouts that would give you a challenging full-body workout.

Before You Begin

Before you begin with a full-body muscle-activating workout, adjust the weight of the sandbag so that it is challenging but doesn’t affect your form.

For each workout, perform 3-6 reps. If you are looking to design your own workout, pick out exercises around 5 exercises you are fond of doing and target multiple body areas such as core, upper and lower body. Perform 3 sets for each exercise, taking a rest period of 90 seconds after every set. Once an exercise is over, switch onto the next one after resting for 1 minute. Once you are comfortable with the workout, increase the intensity by decreasing the rest period between each exercise and sets.

Following are few sandbag workouts that target all the major muscles in your body.

Clean & Press With Sandbag

 Image Source: Men’s Journal

Stand on the ground with your feet hip-width apart. Put the sandbag in front of you right next to your feet. Now hold the bag using its handles, similar in fashion as you would raise a barbell. While pulling the bag upwards, use the force in your legs and glutes. Once you lift the bag till you midsection, flip it in the air and catch it when right in front of your chest so that you end up in a squat position. Go back to your standing position. Press the bag overhead and then drop it to the floor by extending your arms full towards the ceiling. This is one rep. Carry out three reps.

Sandbag Rising Up

Image Source Men’s Journal

Stand upright, feet hip-width apart and sandbag placed in front of you on the ground. Bring the bag up till your chest and place it on one shoulder. Assume a sitting position on the ground on your butt with the bag placed on your shoulder. Move to lie down on your back. Now go back to the standing position, using same side arm and leg with the sandbag placed on the opposite shoulder. This would be one rep. Now switch side to perform the same movement. Perform a total of 6 reps.

Reverse Lunge With Sandbag

Image Source: Muscle & Fitness

Take a sandbag and place it on your right shoulder in a manner that its central body lays behind your neck and back while its ends are dangling on the sides on your shoulders. Using your right foot, step backwards, without moving the bag. Keeping extending your leg until your knee is just 2 inches above the ground. Now briskly move forward using your right glute, going back to the starting position. Now perform the same move by shifting the bag to the left shoulder. This would complete one rep. Perform three reps.

Image: FB Fitness Sandbag from RDX Sports

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