Boxing requires immense astuteness from an athlete which is not possible without a strong foundation. Most of the times, beginners focus on building their strength in the upper body. However, best boxers have powerful legs that can help carry their upper body to perform lighting quick actions.

Importance of Leg Strength in Boxing

The significance of leg strength cannot be overlooked in a boxing match. When a boxer throws a destructive punch, energy is transmitted through the legs to the upper body. If the legs are strong enough to pass on more energy, the punch will have more impact. All leg muscles work collectively such as calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads to give more power to your punches.

Other techniques such as bobbing and weaving and slipping punches also demand a strong set of legs for quick, balanced movements.

It is quite essential for boxers to have power-packed legs so they can transfer strength from their foundation into their punches and jabs.

Workout for Strong Legs

Incorporating the following workout into your daily routine can help you get powerful and unassailable legs.


Sets/Reps: 3/10

Though considered the simplest form of exercise, squats are one of the best movements to gain muscle strength and build on monumental power. This exercise particularly helps target all muscle groups in the leg whilst especially focusing on the glutes and your thighs.

How to Do It?

Stand straight on the ground with feet shoulder width apart and knees relaxed. Now start inhaling as you contract your abs, stretching your arms forward. Gradually lower your body by bending your legs at the knees forming a 90 degree angle, into a squat position. When lowering to get into the squat position, make sure that your body weight falls on the balls of the feet as you slightly take your back a little backward, instead of just focusing on bringing your body as close to ground.

Stay in the same position for at least 3 seconds initially. You can increase the time gradually. Now take your body back to the standing position, while exhaling slowly.


To add more impact to the workout, you can perform a jump squat by performing the same move by jumping on a length as high as a box higher than ground level.

Depth Jump

Sets/Reps: 3/8

Depth Jump is another great exercise for targeting all leg muscles. However, this exercise has some impact on the knees; therefore, it is best to perform it on a soft surface.

How to Do It?

Place a firm platform of small height, around 0.7 meters on a smooth-surfaced ground. Stand on top of it. Now jump gently off the platform onto the ground. As soon as you stabilize on the ground, make another jump, raising your hand upwards towards the ceiling, so that you can leap as high as you can.

Keep on increasing the height of the box once you have mastered the initial jump. This will help you in jumping higher and making agile movements in the ring.

Box Jumps

Sets/Reps: 3/8

This exercise is performed by using a plyometric box or around 0.4 high platform with a stable foundation.

How to Do It?

Place the plyometric box on a stable surface. You can choose from a variety of different heights available. However, in order to start, you should choose a box around 0.4 meters high. Once you have mastered jumping over this height you can gradually increase it. Standing at arms-length distance from the box, assume a quarter squat.

Now jump upwards from the ground onto the box using your knees, ankles and legs muscles. Your legs should provide you with the needed stability with your knees a little bent when you land on the plyometric box. Now revert back to your original position. Carry on the move for the required number of reps.


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