Eleider Alvarez proved to be a thunderbolt for the audience in Atlanta as he managed to drop the former champion Sergey Kovalev onto the canvas three times in the seventh round. His bottled up explosive power from all those years, finally made its way inside the octagon leading him to a technical knockout win.  Though his rise to fame has been a little late, his solo acclaim to WBO title is enough to foretell what the future of boxing holds for a player of his caliber. The win makes Colombian Storm an undefeated WBO light heavyweight champion.

Fight Recap – Sergey Kovalev vs. Eleider Alvarez 

Initially, it seemed highly unlikely that Alvarez would be stand against the raging former WBO champion, as Kovalev came forward with a solid strategy backed with a remarkable punching power. However, 34-year-old Colombian was prepared to resiliently work his way to the summit by standing against the most lethal attacks. He tactfully evaded the brutal throws from Krusher, who was adamant to stomp on his title dreams. As Kovalev continued on mounting pressure by extending constant blows, things seemed a little out-of-hand for the Colombian artist. During Kovalev’s barrage on Alvarez, the latter sustained a cut under his eye, shaking him on the canvas. However, it was Alvarez’s plan to bear patiently with what was thrown his way, while he saved his best shots for the last.

With Alvarez’s strategy right in place, he decided to turn tables around by inflicting a game-changing right hand. The move send the former champ down on the canvas, and as he tried to regain his momentum, Alvarez didn’t waste a second in bringing him down again. He finally managed to get back to his feet, as Alvarez seized the moment to dispatch his most lethal right hook that put a definite end to the former champion’s reign in WBO’s ring. Alvarez’s pounding continued on for quite some time and finally referee David Fields called it a day.  Sometime earlier the Colombian had undergone a surgery for his right hand, which gave birth to speculations about his ability. However, he sealed the deal with his very right hand, marking an end to rumors that doubted his ability.

Fight Analysis

Although Kovalev remained dominant for most part in the fight, it was the right strategy and timing that helped the Storm get climb up the ladder of success. Alvarez’s gameplay was to evade his opponent’s deadly shots while executing his most devastating shot just at the right time. And with the perfect execution at the most suitable time, the Krusher failed to weather his storm.


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