You might be a super busy dad at the office, or an even busier stay-at-home mom. You might even be a student drowning in a ton of homework. The mix of things just doesn’t allow you to focus on your health and fitness, though you really want to. Ever thought about a Home Gym?

Here’s the deal! With its fancy, heavy and expensive equipment, you may think you need to visit an actual gym to get your fitness fix. The truth is that you don’t really have to if you can’t. There is a ton of high quality, affordable gear out there. You can set that up in the corner of your office, or an unused open space in your home. And it’s not at all difficult to combine that with an even simpler exercise routine.

Do Some Research

You can start by looking up routines. YouTube is an excellent place for beginners looking to start a solid fitness routine. Many real-life coaches have taken to YouTube to create instructional videos to reach more people. Look for content that’ll best suit your Home Gym set-up.

While setting up your home gym, you should be cautious about the equipment you choose, in terms of material, design, comfort and durability. There are a lot of sellers who will sell you something cheap – but you know what they say, “You get what you pay for.”

Visit RDX Sports! RDX Sports make durable and dependable gear. More importantly, they are the cost leaders in the market. You’ll occasionally find some sort of sale going on at the online store and you’ll always be able to get expensive products at a bargain.

Here is a list of items to help you get started with your Home Gym:

RDX KW Medicine Ball

  • 1:2mm thick, durable Maya Hide leather.
  • Resilient, hand-stitched, 8 panel design.
  • Stable and balanced Power core Sand chamber.
  • Light textured exterior for an easy grip.
  • A variety of natural and synthetic fiber fillings.

RDX C4 Aluminum Handle Jump Rope

  • L-key for adjustable length.
  • Durable 3000mm PVC coated steel wire.
  • Smooth and rapid swivel mechanism.
  • Great for fitness and coordination.

RDX T1 Adjustable 40lbs Weighted Vest

  • Resilient dual seams with durable PU piping.
  • Durable Cordura exterior and a sturdy Neoprene interior.
  • Adjustable weights up to 40lbs (2lbs/block).
  • Reinforced EVA-padded shoulders with Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop closure for comfort and snug fit.

RDX X2 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  • HG-Steel for unbreakable strength and lasting performance.
  • All weather heavy duty brackets capable of withstanding up to 130kg.
  • Electroplated anti-rust treatment for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Anti-corrosion formulation and a textured white powder coating for durability.


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