Summer is here and it’s time for you to take off your shirt and flash your ripped rig. If you think that your abs are not beach ready, here are 3 prep up exercises that can help you achieve an impressive body. These exercises can be incorporated into a full-body workout, combining resistance exercises and cardio to get your ideal look. You can also customize your own workout based on your preferences.

Rather than just laying on the couch, make sure to utilize the rest periods by skipping a rope or riding a stationary bike or engaging in any cardio activity that you can requires minimal equipment.

Keep yourself safe from overtraining by focusing more on the reps and less on lifting weights. This way you can easily finish off each set without having to fatigue your body. Try to combine various training techniques into your workout regime. However, you don’t need to work on your whole body in a single setting. Choose one or two muscle groups and work on them.

Are you all set to get jaw-dropping abs? Here are few exercises that will target those unsightly body parts and transform you into a demi-god.

Exercise # 1 – Jump Rope

Target Muscles: Shoulders, Legs, Calves, Quads

Equipment: Jump Rope

How To Perform This Exercise?

Hold the handles in each hand at your sides while letting the rope hang loosely at your back. Now rotating the handles, bring the rope forward so that it swings. As it nears your feet slightly jump over it so that it crosses past your feet and goes back to the starting position. Now perform the same move over and over again by maintaining a momentum.

Exercise # 2 – Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Target Muscles: Upper Back, Shoulders, Triceps

Equipment: Dumbbells

How To Perform This Exercise?

While the shoulder complex is directly targeted in this exercise, it is also a good way to gain stability and strength by engaging the back and triceps.

Hold dumbbells in your both hands at shoulder-height in a fashion that arms are bent at the elbows and fists closed just above the shoulders, facing upward. Now slowly bring your hands holding the dumbbells overhead so that your arms are fully extended. Both dumbbells should be right above your head. Stand in that position for a few seconds and then slowly revert back to the starting position.

Exercise # 3 – Upper Body Crunch

Target Muscles: Abs, Hips

Equipment: No Equipment Required

How To Perform This Exercise?

A simple body-weight exercise, the crunch targets the abs and hips by placing stress on the core. A perfect crunch induces flexion on your lower torso, helping you to get sketched abs.

Lie down with your back flat on the surface. Place your hands behind your head, in a manner that the arms are intact with the floor, forming a V and the hands cushioning the head. Now bend your knees with your feet laying firmly on the floor. Start raising your head with your hands supporting it from the backside, as the forearms lift off the floor. Gradually lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor and stay in that position for a few seconds. Slowly recline back to the starting position.


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