Summer is here. It’s the time to go out in the sun and engage in plenty of activities. You can choose to tan your body naturally or play football for hours. And once your feel tired, there are plenty of colourful drinks to keep you hydrated.

Although it seems the perfect time of the year we have all been waiting for, summer does not favour our workouts all the time. The blazing sun and the amount of sweat that our bodies produce keep us from maximizing upon our fitness goals. Here are few tips that can help you keep your cool during summer workouts.

Start With Cooling Yourself

Before hitting the gym, take out time to hit the shower. German research suggests that cooling body temperature before engaging into a heated workout improves performance. Taking a shower before exercising helps in lowering your skin and core temperature and reduces your heart rate. If you don’t really feel like taking a shower, you can cool your head and neck with ice cubes to get most out of your fitness routine.

Opt For Cooler Routes

Does your jogging track leave your skin burned by the blazing sun? Choose paths that are cooler with shades of trees or buildings.  You can either move to new tracks by exploring the area or get help from Google maps and opt for places with more greenery or shade.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

In order to keep yourself safe from risks of heatstroke or heat exhaustion, use a heart rate monitor to know exactly when you need to stop exercising. Some gadgets available in the market also note down your speed and calories along with monitoring your heart rate.

Workout On Natural Paths


Workout on natural paths like biking or running in the dirt rather than on concrete or asphalt to avoid heating up of your body. Concrete or asphalt reflect the heat rays causing moving objects to feel warmer. Similarly, if you live near the beach, opt for a swim in the morning or evening rather than going for a walk.

Use Essential Oils

A few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil applied on your neck and temples can give a cooling effect during your workout and helps you breathe easily as it opens up the nasal airways. Research shows that athletes who sniff peppermint before starting off with their exercise run longer, have improved grip and perform more push-ups than trainers who do not sniff it.

Opt For Wicking Clothing


Opt for wicking or loose, light coloured clothing that would keep moisture away letting your body breathe. If you are performing an exercise outdoor, choose a hat to cover your head and face.

Choose Indoor Alternatives To Exercise


In order to reach your fitness goals, try engaging in household chores or indoor exercises rather than going out in the sun and risking your health. Workouts like washing your car or running up and down the stairs can keep you toned without the risk of exposing your body to sun directly.

Hydrate And Refuel

Keep yourself hydrated all the time, even when you are not exercising to keep yourself energetic and fit. Refuel your body’s reserves by consuming seasonal fruits. Fruits such as watermelon and grapes have high water content and are ideal to provide body with the needed nutrients after a demanding exercise. You can also choose yogurt or smoothies to ensure healthy intake of carbs and nutrients.


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