UFC 279 is finally behind us with many controversies in its wake. Khamzat has a tendency to leave behind chaos and bewilderment with his performances. And while this makes for great news and content for all of you readers and fans alike. Khamzat Chimaev is under the firing range for a whole slew of antics at UFC 279 from his peers and legends of the sport alike. 

Key Takeaway:

  • Khamzat Reveals His Frustration In Recent BlockAsset Videos
  • Paulo Costa Claims His Right To Fight King Borz
  • Henry Cejudo, GSP And Daniel Cormier Disappointed In Khamzat Missing Weight
  • Chael Sonnen Breaks Down Why Khamzat Should Get An Immediate Title Shot
  • “The Sugar Show” Sean O’Malley Gives His Take On Khamzats Future
  • Khamzat On Leon Edwards Avoiding Him At All Costs
  • Khabib Attacks Khamzat’s Inner Circle And Coaches Fire Back At The Legend

Khamzat Reveals His Frustration In Recent BlockAsset Videos

The BlockAsset community recently released a full video of Khamzat and his team on fight day. The video displays pre-fight training and heartfelt speech from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach Alan Finfou. Also accurately showing the extreme tension backstage before a main-event. Post-Fight backstage drama is also gone over with Khamzat blessing us with another legend worthy quote:

“Muhammad Ali became Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson became Mike Tyson, I will become Khamzat Chimaev.”

Paulo Costa Claims His Right To Fight King Borz

Despite Khamzat absolutely blitzing through “Big Mouth, Trailblazer’ Kevin Holland, he made more enemies than fans according to middleweight Paulo Costa.

“Chimaev, because he’s on [a] high,” Costa said. “I stole some of his high. I stole his sleep, I stole his cap, I stole his main event fight. I stole everything.”

Chimaev, you need to do something, motherf*****,” he said. “I stole everything that you had. Your hat, I stole your night’s sleep, I stole your weigh-in. You are disturbed, so crazy. ‘I cannot do this, I will die.’ So I think I need to fight that guy.”

For sure, [he missed weight because of me],” Costa said. “Because he became so angry, so stressed, and he almost – he gave up. He gave up. He missed the weight for almost eight pounds, almost nine.

He gave up, for sure. I stole everything from him. Hype, soul, night of sleep, main event, his hat – do something.”

“I cannot do 170,” Costa said. “You think I can make 170? 185 is the most deep (heaviest) that I can do.”

Henry Cejudo, Daniel Cormier And GSP Disappointed In Khamzat Missing Weight

Henry Cejudo

Others who have used this opportunity to steal from Khamzats audience include Henry Cejudo. Triple C has had a lot to say about the unprofessionalism of Khamzats Weight Cut.

“You won’t come back, if you don’t get your s*** together, you won’t come back and ever make that weight again. Trust me, even if you have big balls, you won’t make it because when you’re off that much, just imagine him at 170. He’s struggling to probably make 178. Like you know, he gave everything he had. His coach said his tongue was white, vomiting all that other stuff, throwing up fluid.”

“I’ve been there before,” Cejudo added. “He’s gonna have to really tweak his training. He’s probably training too much and probably allowing more of his metabolism to eat more and there’s a way of doing it, where you can still make weight, still feel good while you’re not overworking your body.”

Daniel Cormier

The Former Champ Daniel Cormier has also added to the weight cut debacle with his own views.

“There’s no rule under which you have to touch gloves to start a fight. Chimaev would get into the octagon. He went to touch Kevin Holland’s glove. When he got in there, Kevin said, ‘No, I’m good. I’m good. Do I think Khamzat tried to do a fake glove touch? No. I think that he feigned a punch; hands go up, you shoot on your opponent… Even if he did, there was no law that says you have to touch gloves. This is a fight. This is war.”


The G.O.A.T. George Saint-Pierre also outlined the significance of weight-cuts and how if Khamzat wants to have a future in the UFC that he must make changes to his diet and nutrition or he won’t regain all of the lost respect.

“He needs to make weight,” said St-Pierre “When you miss weight it’s a big disrespect not only to your opponent but to the sport. But we don’t know what happened. Maybe there’s a reason, maybe there’s a medical reason or something, so when you don’t know, you don’t know. But for sure, in the future, if he misses weight another time, maybe that will prevent him from having a title shot.”

“Maybe give him the chance to go back at 170 if he wants to, but he can’t miss weight. Missing weight, it’s hard to forgive. As a fan, I would like to see Kamaru Usman get revenge [for the next title fight] because if anyone deserves it, it’s him. Maybe, perhaps, Chimaev has a shot against the winner of this fight [with Leon Edwards].”

Chael Sonnen Breaks Down Why Khamzat Should Get An Immediate Title Shot

“The Peoples Champ” now Martial Arts analyst Chael Sonnen has had a completely different approach to the Wolf in the ring. Making significant arguments for fighters in the welterweight division. Including Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman and Champion Leon Edwards.

“I do think that he can get to a championship very fast at 185-lbs. You can package him up and sell him to the audiences, an undefeated guy that has been in the division. Everybody knows who he is. He’s an absolute media sensation. But if you wanted to follow more of a trajectory of the history of the sport, you would have a hard time.” 

“There’s an idea nobody suggested that they both go up. I see what you’re doing there and I like that a lot. Do you want a prediction from me? This is out of left field but just for fun. I don’t believe Kamaru Usman is going to be fighting Leon next. I believe that Kamaru’s next fight will be for a belt.

“I think they are going to keep Kamaru on ice. Chimaev vs Leon is a real possibility with the winner drawing in Kamaru. If you have those three and you’re going to match them up, the order does matter and what I just presented is a more viable order.”

“The Sugar Show” Sean O’Malley Gives His Take On Khamzats Future

Sugar Sean is also taking notice of Khamzat and the wolf gang. Going as far as to punch above his  weight and tell King Borz which weight class he should enter now.

“I’ve never in my five-six years in the UFC had a doctor come and check on me during weight cuts,” O’Malley said. “I’m sure if they come and look at me the last pound when I’m in the bathtub, they’d probably say to anybody, ‘Whoa.’ Like, a doctor comes in, they’re not used to seeing humans like that.” “I want to see him at 185 because even when he fought Gilbert Burns, he did the towel thing, and lost five pounds. When was the last time Khamzat made 170 actually? Not the last two fights so it’s probably been over a year.“ “I want to watch his next fight, I’m so curious who it’s gonna be. It can’t be Colby [Covington]. He’s not gonna make 170, dude. I just don’t see him. I don’t even know if the UFC will book him at 170. But it doesn’t seem like he wants to go up to 185.”

Khamzat On Leon Edwards Avoiding Him At All Costs

Although Champion Leon “Rocky’ Edwards hasn’t said anything yet about Khamzat, the silence is quite telling of how scary his prospects are at the top of the welterweight division. Here is what King Borz had to say for ‘Rocky”

“That was an amazing performance. He showed his heart, and at the last minute he knocked him out. I’m happy for him. He deserved that, he worked hard,” Chimaev said at UFC 279 media day. “(But) he doesn’t want to talk about me. I see somebody ask my name, and he just jumps over it and speaks about (Nate) Diaz, speaks about (Jorge) Masvidal, Usman. (The) guy doesn’t want to even see my face.”

Khabib Attacks Khamzat’s Inner Circle And Coaches Fire Back At The Legend

Finally, The Eagle Khabib Nurmagomedov shed light on what he feels is the true reason that Khamzat has been underperforming and displaying so much unprofessional attitude towards his fighting career. He oddly claims that the true reason for all these issues is a spiritual and community problem. Going as far as to say that his surroundings will cause his downfall.

“If you are a Muslim, you should have good people around you,” Nurmagomedov said during a recent speaking event. “Muslims who can say: ‘Hey, don’t do this,’ I recently watched the weigh-in of Khamzat Chimaev. I followed what was happening with his weight and looked at his team.

“There are no Muslims around him and this is very bad. Because if you are a Muslim, you need good, strong people around you. [They] will say: “Come back, do this. When you become famous and rich, when you gain power and [around you] there are no people who will give advice or you do not listen to them, then something will happen. You need good people, even if you don’t like it, you need them.”

Reza Madidi

Coach Reza Madidi who currently heads AllStars Spain sent a very polite but direct message to The Eagle to silence the doubt in the legends mind.

“Dear @khabib_nurmagomedov, my Muslim brother,” Madadi wrote on Instagram. “Firstly I would like to say I have a huge respect for you as an athlete and for all your achievements in our beloved sport of MMA. I am also very proud of how you represent our religion, belief and God in all your interviews and appearances.

“But, I would like to give my point on your opinion on @khamzat_chimaev not having a Muslim team around him and that was supposed to be the reason of him missing the weight. I have to disagree with you on this part. Not only have Khamzat had Muslim friends and teammates such as me around him from day 1, but also from many other religions and backgrounds, The have been people that have been with him from the start, giving him love, sharing blood, sweat and joy and done everything to bring him to where he is now.

“Being a Muslim doesn’t mean we are perfect and flawless, trust me, I have done many mistakes in my life as many people know. With all due respect, so have you. So mentioning having Muslim team will make you perfect, I have to disagree, having a team that cares about you. in good times and bad times, no matter what belief or religion they have is far more important. And that is something Khamzat has. There are several issues that made Khamzat miss the weight but those reasons stay in the team. But he is still young and he will learn from his mistakes. If a big Champion like you, did learn from your mistake when you missed weight, I have no doubt that our brother Khamzat will do as well.”

Andreas Michael

Coach Andreas Michael had some important insight to Khamzats weight class future and where he sees his rising star going in the next MMA bout.

“I think the next fight is going to be at middleweight. The only thing that he thinks is a hassle is the weight cut. He just thinks it’s hell. He hates it… He just wants to train and eat, that’s it.”


RDX Sports however stands by the words of The General Andreas. Whether it be middleweight, light-heavyweight or welterweight Khamzat should be fighting the next challenger sooner, rather than later. Whether the UFC or fighters like it or not Khamzat is the man to beat in all of these divisions and if anyone wants to claim a title shot. They will find a very hungry wolf standing in their way. There is only one path for King Borz and that is the long road to becoming a triple champion.


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