Fitness requires various types of training that are balanced based on need. This may include taking a daily walk across the park or performing long tedious workouts to stay in shape. The ultimate guide aims to cater to both casual and professional needs of finding the best fitness equipment. Here is a list of items that will cater  your fitness needs.

Catering to your fitness needs with the right equipment is easier with the equipment that boosts your confidence. Keep reading to find out!


  1. Skipping Ropes

Professionally training athletes take every type of exercise seriously. If you are aiming to become one, you should own a skipping rope by now as skipping ropes have gained popularity among trainers and trainees alike. Regardless of training type, make sure you get the best equipment available. The best skipping ropes contain a non-slip hold that guarantees maximum grip. Adjustable weights within the handles within the RDX L2 Wooden grip 9ft Skipping rope is one example of an ideal product. Rdx Sports caters to every small training need with its state-of the art items. Made with cowhide leather, the rope is built to withstand intensive punishment.

2. Pull-up Bars

Your first step towards achieving proper fitness goals is to exercise using a pull-up bar. As advised by the trainers, they offer an effective, tedious work out to those daring to go through it. Due to a massive variety of pull-up bars, it is often rare to find the equipment that ticks all the right boxes. Pull-up bars should have the threshold of withstanding weight without breaking. RDX X1 wall mounted Pull up bar is the perfect solution for strength training. Regardless of your fighting style, trainers know that Pull-up bars enhance your base strength and perseverance. Designed to withstand 150kg, its virtually unbreakable. Start training now with Rdx Sports collection.


  1. Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball takes your fitness training to the next level. By improving your muscular strength, the soft looking medicine ball trains your overall resilience. The ideal medicine Ball needs to have the perfect weight to maximize control or accuracy. Unique medicine balls designed by Rdx Sports are therefore superior in every attribute. With unmatched versatility, the ball enhances your core workouts. It is suitable for every age, development or fighting style. The unbeatable resistance against wear and tear will survive your training sessions with ease. Go get your personal training Medicine ball to build your core to the max.



  1. Weighted Vests

The main purpose of a weighted vest is to add extra weight to the body while doing body weight exercises. Walking, distant running and body weight lunges are an example of exercises that can be done wearing a weighted vest. As the design and structure of the vest is heavy duty so it requires the vest to be comfortable enough to carry it while performing activity. The weighted vest is equipped with empty spaces that gives you an option to add or subtract the weight and adjust it according to your requirement. Also called as the body armor, weighted vests are popular for building strength and increase stamina. Push your limits with a premium quality weighted vest just like RDX’s R1 Adjustable 8-14 KG Weighted Vest which is not only adjustable but also has the capability to provide comfort to the wearer. With this weighted vest you will not only want to walk a few extra steps but also find them worth it.



  1. Sandbags

Sandbags complete your essential fitness equipment list. Whether you are a trainer or trainee, sandbags are equally important for fitness training. Low-quality gym bags are used mercilessly which lead to torn up replaceable equipment. Buying the highest quality can help you outlast seasons worth of training. Although it is an alternative to Medicine ball, it still serves its purpose well in fitness training. Fat burning, Muay Thai or even kickboxing will no longer be a problem with the RDX FB Fitness Sandbag. Enhanced with EVA-LUTION FOAM, it is enhanced with shock resistance to withstand just about everything.


Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants- if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.




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