Punching Bag Workout For Women

For women, Punch Bag offers a great way to work-out in the privacy of home. Not only it is an excellent way to stay physically fit but you can use it any time you like. It allows you to engage most of your muscle groups in a short period of time and helps you stay fit and healthy. All you need is a heavy bag and boxing glove. Boxing gloves is essential because it can protect you from various injuries.

  • Benefits of Workouts

When it comes to boxing and combat sports, punch bag is one of the best pieces of equipment. However, it offers a very tough and tiring routine. So in order to get better results it is recommended to start with shorter sessions so you don’t hurt yourself.

Before you begin your training there are few things you need to remember. First, allow yourself at least 5 feet of empty space around the bag. Secondly, raise the bag just above your eye level. When you are throwing punches, try to stay balanced at all times, you can do that if you keep shifting weight from one leg to another. Don’t forget to twist your torso, it will boost not only your strength and stamina but strengthen your core as well.

  • Workout Routine

Always start your daily workout with some warm-up routines. If you have a jump rope, then there is nothing better. Five minutes of jump rope warm-up will be enough to keep blood pumping in your heart. After that start punching at the bag for two minutes, and then take a minute rest and repeat the process.

Next practice your straight jab, which is considered one of the most important punch in boxing. To achieve a perfect jab, it is important to maintain a perfect posture, stay still, and without any sideways movement throw a straight punch directly at the bag in front of your face. You can practice your jabs by constantly moving around the heavy bag.

  • Advanced Training

Jab cross is to be used once you have mastered your basic training. In order to master jab cross, stand with your feet wide apart and toes pointing forward. Maintain a defensive posture by keeping hands in a blocking position while covering your face with boxing gloves. Now as you shift your weight onto the left foot, turn your right foot out while delivering a right hand from your right.

For jab hook, bend your legs at knees slightly, while moving your dominant leg backwards. Twist body and move your hands away from the face and deliver a hooked blow to punch bag. If you are closer to the bag it will make the hook stronger. You can also perform a double hook, you can do that by hitting the bag first with your left and following that up with your right soon after.


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