Brazilian fighter Thiago Santos has been recovering since the UFC 239 because of a badly injured knee.

It has been seven weeks since the brutal fight between Santos and Jon Jones on 6th July. Santos was forced to fight with a badly injured knee for five rounds until he lost to Jones. This light heavy weight fighter had to undergo surgery which is going well for him. Immediately after the surgery, the Doctor’s advised Santos that it will take him around 8 months to go back to training. In an interview with MMA Fighting, Santos stated “Thank God its going great”. The fighter is confident that he will be able to train again soon considering his speedy recovery. He is currently focusing on following Doctor’s instructions and will not train or rush his training. He also stated, “I’ll come back when I really am 100 percent”.

Currently, the fighter is being offered to go against Jones again in a title fight, but Santos does not like the idea. He considers it unnecessary to be offered an easy win because of a long layoff. Santos still considers Jones champion until he gets the chance to dethrone him, “He remains champion until I come back”.


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