Covid 19 is not the first pandemic to have threatened the human race and demand such drastic measures of protection. The bubonic plague and Spanish flu were far worse and their aftermath even more devastating.

But unlike our medieval ancestors, we have a better chance of surviving, not just because of medical advances but also because we have learnt from their mistakes and are better prepared to handle this kind of a catastrophe.

For example, instead of panicking and stressing out our immune systems even further, we are practicing mindful lifestyles and concentrating on seeing this pandemic through collectively. We are addressing mental health issues arising due to the lockdown and taking steps towards making life liveable even during these hard times.

According to google trends, “Home Gym” is on an all-time high in terms of what’s trending during the pandemic. This means more and more people are planning, searching or buying home gym equipment to keep their fitness workouts on track in a situation where gyms, fitness clubs and studios are no longer operational. Apart from home gyms, the next highest trending term is Yoga.

If you would like to know why then read on.

Apart from the Covid 19 SOP’s, here are a number of reasons why you should consider practicing yoga at home for good:

Its Pocket Friendly

For this one, I’ll let the numbers do the talking: A single drop-in yoga class will cost you anything between $10 to $20. The cost will decrease a bit if you buy classes in bulk.

An online yoga class will cost you $5 or even less if you buy a monthly subscription for $8 to $25.

You simply can’t beat the value for money you get in online classes.

Whenever, Wherever

With online classes, there is absolutely no pressure to make it to class on time. Simply roll out your Yoga Mat in your own time and space and carry on with your chosen yoga routines with the instructor of your choice

Spoilt for Choice

Online yoga allows you to choose the kind of yoga style you are most comfortable with. This option may not come this easily or this cheap in a real-life yoga class. So enjoy freedom to select from different instructors, different styles and special workshops.

Work with World Renowned Yoga Teachers

Not everyone can afford to workout with the best, but fortunately, with online yoga, you can access some of the best yoga instructors from around the world within the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Absence of Ego

Practicing yoga at home also takes away the anxiety one feels in a full class of yogis. The fear of being judged by others, stops us from exploring what works best for us. Practicing yoga within the comfort and privacy of your own space diminishes this anxiety and lets you move and flow according to your own body type.

Your BFF: The Pause Button

I have saved the best for the last- yes the pause button is the biggest perk of practicing yoga at home. In a real-life yoga class, you will probably be required to follow the flow of the rest of the class. At home, you can set your own tempo, maybe practice the handstand for another minute. Or rewind and pause at a certain part to give it another try. This is not possible in a class where everyone has to follow the same routine.


Numerous studies have proven the benefits of yoga and it could prove to be an absolute lifesaver during this pandemic. RDX Sports has recently launched an entire range of top-of-the-line yoga products. Make the most of this pandemic by stocking up your home gym with the best yoga products at the most competitive prices.


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