With the rise in the use of social media, fitness is a term no longer anonymous to us. By keeping track of fitness trends on various tech-based applications, it has become quite easy to fathom its basic tenets.  By sharing a few healthy activities, one can get applauded by a huge audience with positive comments uplifting confidence and self-belief, two biggest elements for success. Make a few smart social media moves, and you can follow the latest trends and happenings, that keep you treading on the fitness track for long.

This intermingling of tech and its devotees has given birth to some unique trends that become sensations overnight. The more technology becomes a discernible part of our lives, the more susceptible we are to give into the frenzied vogue. 2007 was the year when strength training was the fad, while 2013 saw Google searches for Paleo diet peak.

Where increased connectivity and globalization have brought cultures and ideas to a shared platform, it has become difficult to ascertain the moment when a fitness obsession would cause a furore in the world of connectivity. Though these trends sprout and cease seamlessly, fitness coaches and experts are finally able to foresee the most likely shifts. Following are the expected fitness trends of this year to take over the social media.

HIIT Workouts Are Here To Stay

High Intensity Interval Workout will be occupying the top spot on social media. This fitness regime comprises of a high intensity workout followed by a low-intensity exercise. This way one could recover and perform another set of solid workout. Usually HIITS last no longer than 30 minutes, but the intense nature of the workout helps burning off calories in a very short time. Due to the extreme nature of the HIIT, it should not be performed every day.

Increased Use Of Wearable Technology

2018 would prove to be a promising year for performance tracker industry, as sales will boost for heart-rate monitors and smart watches. Since most of the trainers want to determine the effectiveness of their workout, activity trackers would be helpful in monitoring the amount of calories burnt. Some of these gadgets will note down the sleep duration, standing time and time spent working out in relation to depleted calories.

Training With Peers

Although the trend of group training did not gain much popularity until 2017, this year it would definitely make frequent appearances on social media networks. Led by a trained instructor, Group Training is a workout plan designed to motivate people of varying fitness levels to achieve desired results. Group training is extremely effective for people who need be pushed to workout. This technique helps the trainee forget about the intensity of the workout and focuses on his abilities and team-work.  Group training creates healthy bonds, while indirectly targeting fitness goals. These sessions can be anything from power-packed HIIT to peaceful poses of yoga.

Yoga Poses Continue To Add Color

Although yoga has been around for quite some time, it has steadily been gaining ground.  Yoga poses are a good way to deal with stress and provide mental clarity. Yoga comes in various types such as Bikram yoga, power yoga, Hatha yoga and few another. While yoga poses improve flexibility and balance, they can also be helpful in providing endurance and muscle strength.

Professional Fitness Gurus

Although a lot of people may not give much thought about the accolades of their fitness gurus, it is a very important trend that will bring major changes in fitness industry. Over the years, there has been an increased awareness about the importance of educational and certification programs for trainers. A trainer with a certification knows how to lead his clients while ensuring training principles and safety standards.

Mindful Drills

In 2017, experts noticed an augmentation of wellness category and this year it is quite likely to become a major trend.  2018 will see people opt for training sessions that provide internal strength and agility to perform day-to-day tasks. There would be a holistic approach to the term fitness and will be viewed as a composite of stamina, healthy sleep, mental keenness and overall well-being.


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