Coaching is never easy and without reliable equipment, its even more difficult. It depends on the objective that needs to be achieved. Regardless of the objective, equipment plays a vital role in training whether its for fitness or training for a tournament. Trainers who have trouble selecting the right equipment with reliable features, look no further. This guide will help you find out the top MMA coaching equipment for your needs.

  1. Focus Pads

Your trainer might be wondering why the trainee’s punches are no longer deflecting properly. This may mean that the pads are torn or worn out, forcing the trainer to fully absorb the impact, creating hindrance in your training session. Therefore, you need strong and durable focus pads that can enhance your punching potential. Focus pads are essential for MMA training as they should be designed to absorb sweat and be tight enough for grip. Absorb your trainee’s heavy strikes with ease with the new RDX Aura T17 Focus pads that have the potential to enhance your training experience. The new Kalix Skin technology has superior leather that guarantees enhanced absorption.



2. Punch Paddles

The trainer industry recognizes the safety potential when using Punch Paddles. If you are looking to improve your head movement and coordination, then you’ve come to the right place. You know that the Punch Paddles do not provide much feedback on every blow and you want to avoid damaging muscles in training. That is how Rdx Sports has got you covered by providing soft and durable T1 Training Punch Paddles. Add these in your training and instantly feel the reduced impact on your wrists, elbows and hands. Perfectly designed for landing combos and handcrafted to meet your demands efficiently and safely.

3. MMA Sticks

Now that you have decided to train your head movements and combos, MMA training sticks is one good way to do so. Sharpen your reflexes and dodge instantly with sticks that help you develop your combos. Proper sticks however are very lightweight but can withstand continuous light blows without bending to one side. It is equally important in both MMA and Boxing to continue your barrage of combos while maintaining your stance. Whether you’re training for boxing or MMA, Rdx Sports provide unique MMA training sticks designs. Extremely lightweight, these will take the load off your elbows and let you train your athlete with ease. The Shock-absorbent foam padding provides the perfect training experience.


4. Chest Guard

Do you feel that your trainee’s blows are getting stronger and your body is unable to directly withstand more than two at a time? Your athlete has met his/her match with the newest product Rdx Sports has to offer. The T17 Aura Body Protector allows your trainee to go all out against your chest guard and the occasional blows will no longer be a problem. Designed with Supremo-Shock foam, the chest guard is made in the shape of a tank. Enhanced with unbeatable durability, it is guaranteed to help you maintain your form throughout your training sessions. Take Chest protection a notch higher with AURA technology, complete with sweat absorption. It is important to get the right type of chest guard which is why Rdx covers a variety to choose from. You can get one for belly and chest protection separately. The material is made from EVA-LUTION padding that provides a unique mixture of all the features required. Thick and durable throughout temperature fluctuations, the guards are made to withstand training sessions keeping itself and you protected.

Gym owners, managers, trainers or home gym aspirants- if you are interested in any of the above-mentioned products then you have come to the right place as they are available for bulk sale. Download our latest product catalog for more information.



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